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7 Reasons You Should Never Buy a Half Bottle of Champagne (on Valentine’s Day)

Posted on February 14, 2011 in Posts | 2 comments

It’s Valentine’s Day here at 7 Reasons and, as you might reasonably expect, everywhere else too (we don’t have a special one just for ourselves, you know).  Anyway, we’ve decided to do something different today.  Usually we’d bring you seven reasons for something: Reasons full of speculation and conjecture; hypothesis; whimsy and made-up statistics.  Today, however, is different: We’re not going to do any of those things.  Because in another lifetime, one of the 7 Reasons team spent several years running wine shops (yes, you didn’t think either of us had any sort of practical use, but you were wrong). As a result of this, today’s 7 Reasons post comes from experience.  Make the most of it, it won’t happen often.  This piece is mostly aimed at men who, while in the minority of wine-buyers for the majority of the year are – by far – the majority of champagne-buyers in the run-up to (and at the last minute) on Valentine’s Day.  Anyway, from experience, here are seven reasons that you should never buy a half bottle of champagne for Valentine’s Day.

No half bottles of champagne

1.  You’re Missing The Point.  Allow me to explain the point of buying champagne.  It is a luxury item; an extravagance; a frippery; an opulent treat to be blissfully enjoyed in intemperate immoderation.  You cannot have half an extravagance.  You can’t have partial gratification.  It is not possible to temper excess.  If you buy half a bottle of champagne to share with your beloved on the universal day of romance and indulgence you will – should it turn out that you’ve parked it in front of someone’s driveway – be able to move your car; you’ll be able to put up shelving safely; you’ll be able to do the crossword with a clear head.  Trust me, those things are not the point of Valentine’s Day.

2.  Consider The Message You’re Sending.  What kind of message are you giving to your loved one with a half bottle?  That your gesture is half-hearted and half-arsed, that’s what message you’re sending.  This is a token gesture.  The spark’s gone out of our relationship.  I don’t really want to spend a romantic evening with you.  Here’s a bit of lip-service (which will, ironically, ensure that no lip-service will occur).  I have no feeling for you whatsoever.  I have no romance in my soul.  I’m an insensitive bell-end and you’re wasting your time with me. You’re not saying just one of those things with half a bottle of champagne, you’re saying all of them.  It’s sending a worse Valentine’s message than turning up with flowers that you’ve pilfered from a graveyard.  In fact, it’s worse than turning up with a wreath that you’ve pilfered from a graveyard.

3.  The Customer Is Always Right.  This is not true.  As we know, there are many people who can’t walk in a straight line, drive a car without endangering others or operate a telephone without calling the wrong person.  This wrongness also manifests itself when purchasing things.  Stupid people, when placed in a retail environment, do not suddenly experience some sort of revelatory experience in which the fog of stupidity is lifted from their feeble brains, leaving them with a hitherto unfamiliar sensation of lucidity and exactitude: They remain stupid.  So, should you ask, in a wine shop, in the run up to Valentine’s Day, for half a bottle of champagne, you will be treated with utter contempt.  Should you choose – once the aghast member of staff has explained reasons one and two to you, possibly in a voice an octave or two higher than their normal register – to persist with your foolish purchase of a half bottle of champagne, you will be forever thought of as the idiot.  They will remember you; they will point at you whenever you come into the store; they will whisper about you to their colleagues before they both erupt into laughter.  This reaction is not a temporary thing, it will last for eternity, and possibly beyond.  Helpfully, they will also put your tiny bottle of champagne into the largest gift bag they can find and that won’t help you at all because…

4.  Symbolism.  There’s a lot of symbolism around champagne.  Let us consider the use of champagne in film and television for a moment.  The most obvious example is the popping of a cork and the subsequent cascade of abruptly released champagne as a metaphor for the male orgasm.  In this metaphor, the bottle of champagne represents the male appendage.  So – even though it might not be a conscious reaction – if you turn up with half a bottle of champagne on Valentine’s Day, your lady will be doubly disappointed.  Not only will you have arrived with barely enough champagne to get the cat in the mood, you’ll have arrived with a small todger too.

5.  Variety.  Although all champagne is grown in a small geographical location, and is composed of any, or all, of a mere three grape varieties, there is a panoply of scents and flavours across vintages and producers.  The variety is absolutely fascinating.  So buying champagne is your chance to turn up with something interesting, to wow your beloved.  And it doesn’t have to be expensive.  This is your moment to turn up with a bottle of Taittinger Brut Reserve NV and tell your other half that, like her, it has a beautiful nose, is perfectly balanced, refreshingly complex and has a glorious aftertaste.  Or you can turn up with any other nice bottle of fizz that takes your fancy; there are loads of them.  If you buy a half bottle though, your choice will usually be limited to the house champagne or the ubiquitous Moet & Chandon.  So, you’re either saying “Darling, I brought you half a bottle of Moet because I don’t care, I have a tiny cock, and you’re just the same as all the other girls” or “Darling, I brought you half a bottle of the house champagne because I don’t care, I have a tiny cock and you have lower standards than all the other girls”.  That won’t go well.

6.  Cost.  Buying half a bottle of champagne is cheaper than buying a full bottle of champagne and, in the current economic climate, it might seem like a reasonable economy.  It is not.  Not only is the cost of a half bottle far greater than half the cost of a bottle, there are other costs that accompany the purchase of one.  These costs are the usual ones associated with apology for acts of crass stupidity and thoughtlessness; flowers, chocolates and the like.  And while we’re on the subject of peace offerings for women, lingerie is never a suitable apology gift.  Never.

7.  Volume.  There is one thing to be said about the half bottle of champagne.  It’s an ideal size for one person.  This is useful as, if you take your significant other half a bottle of champagne, there is a high chance you’ll end up drinking it alone.  Perhaps for many years to come.

The 7 Reasons team would like to wish all their readers lots of love and happiness this Valentine’s Day.

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  1. Not to mention the fact that, if you are the sort of person who thinks that Moet is in any way classy, you are probably also the sort of person who thinks it should be pronounced ‘mow-ay’ and not ‘moe-et’, thereby marking yourself out as the sort of person who shouldn’t be allowed to breed, ever.

  2. Or to leave the house during daylight hours, except for the purpose of being poked with a stick and generally held up for ridicule.

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