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Russian Roulette Sunday: How You Found Us Part 3

Posted on February 13, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 3 comments

In this non-too regular, but popular, feature we take a look at some of the phrases that have led people to our site. Sometimes the phrases are pleasing, most of the time they are worrying, occasionally they’re disturbing. Above all though, they are entertaining. And, more importantly, they serve as a reminder that we are actually normal.

1. Phrases you used to find us that we found flattering:


2. Phrases you used to find us that we found less flattering:

Physical embodiment of evil

Strange men at bus stops

Ginger moustache

How do I tell him I want to split up?

Weird looking penis head

3. Phrases you used to find us that we’re sorry we couldn’t help with:

Three reasons Herbert Hoover was bad

Reasons to have a bad week

Dating is like musical chairs

In how many schools in the world do they do detention?

Three reasons you should get a kiss

Different lampshades

How do you tell if you’re going to have a hairy body?

How do I iron a shirt?

4. Phrases you used to find us that we don’t know anything about and nor do we want to:

Hairy chested sex

Boyfriend left me feeling really horny

Nachos in bed

Did Margaret Thatcher like minors?

5. Phrases you used to find us that are just plain wrong:


Is is wrong to kiss a stranger’s cleavage?

Cross-eye sex

Women who look like horses

Why won’t my parents let me sleep with a pig?

Six Reasons

6. Phrases you used to find us that there is no earthly explanation for and that we can’t help with:

Dragons with split tongues that are alive

Reflexão sobre a vida

Three reasons why recycling is bad

Reasons to jump long

Muscle makes a face

7. Phrases you used to find us that there is no earthly explanation for but that we were able to help with:

Richard O’Hagan Facebook – He is.

Jonathan Lee Jehovah Witness – I’m not.

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  1. The even weirder thing is that if you google ‘Richard O’Hagan Facebook’ then 7 Reasons comes up before my Facebook page does

  2. Sppechless, but quite soothed that my husband did not appear in categories 4, 5, or 6.

  3. Obviously Richard, as far as Google is concerned, we’re more important than Facebook. Aaron Sorkin is probably hard at work on the screenplay for 7 Reasons: The Social Not-work right now.

    Caroline, not this time, but if someone googles “boy band haircuts” he might make number six next time.

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