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7 Reasons To Give Someone A Hug

Posted on January 21, 2011 in Posts | 1 comment

Did you know it was National Hug Day today? If you are reading this in the USA then you probably did. It’s quite big over there apparently. In the UK though, it has failed to catch on. In many ways 7 Reasons are indicative of this sad situation. We are more the high-fiving kind than the hugging variety. Today that changes though. Today we hug. And you should too. Here’s why:

7 Reasons To Give Someone A Hug

1.  Tactical. You’re waiting for a tube, a train or a bus. And you’re not alone. There are dozens and dozens of others doing exactly them same. So many in fact that there is no way you are all going to get on. There is no way you are hanging about for another thirty minutes for the next one though, so you need a plan. What will get you on that tube, train or bus ahead of everyone else? Save for a machete, it’s hugging. If you start hugging everyone in that queue their urge to get on that next tube, train or bus will begin to diminish. So much so that they’ll be very happy to let you get on and then wait in the pouring rain. Just in case hugging is only the start.

2.  Approach. We’ve all been in the position of seeing someone we quite like the look of. Someone we’d like to say hello to. Someone we’d like to become friends with. Maybe more than friends if you are particularly horny. But one thing always stops us. We aren’t quite sure what to say. While ‘Hello’ always sounds like a promising opening, if you can’t back it up with something else you are opening yourself up to look like a lemon. You wish that they would just come over and talk to you. That would be fine. The problem is, they are full of the same doubts that you are. They don’t really know what to say either. Which is why you both walk on, never to see each other again. It’s an opportunity missed. If this sounds like you, you need to bring out the hug. The next time you see someone you like, just walk up to them and hug them. If they don’t respond, step away and look shocked, “Oh my goodness!” you exclaim, “I am so sorry. I thought you were someone else.” They’ll understand. If they do respond though, just keep that hug going. No talking will ever be required.

3.  Annoy Uncle Marc.  If you know one thing about Uncle Marc it’s that he doesn’t want a hug.  He doesn’t want a hug from you and he certainly doesn’t want a hug from your children.  He especially doesn’t want a hug from the child that just spilled milk all down her t-shirt and then pooed on the living room floor.  Get that child to hug him.  His face will be priceless.

4.  Warmth. It’s easily done. You are walking along the banks of an icy river when a swan starts attacking you. In your scramble to fight back you end up in the icy waters. In a bid to avoid death and pneumonia, you make it back onto dry land. Keeping your freezing and soaking wet clothes on will do you no favours, so you quickly strip and protect your dignity with a swan’s wing. You then go in search of warmth. Bodily warmth. Fifty yards ahead you spy a man and woman out for a walk. Naked, you run towards them. They are too startled by the sight to move out of your way, leaving you to jump into their arms and regain that much needed heat.

5.  Strength. What better way to show small children that you’re far more powerful than they are than to give them a bear-hug?  And, as you wrap you powerful, grown-up arms around them and squeeze the very air from their lungs, they’ll be really impressed.  Then they’ll file it away in their memory and return the favour when you’re an old man which, as no one ever wants to hug an old man, will be a welcome event for you.  Even if it does lead to your first incontinent episode.

6.  Surprise. Rather unfortunately you have just bumped into the side of someone’s Mercedes. It’s not all your fault, the brake on your skateboard fell off before you reached the top of the hill. There’s still damage though. To the car. And your Sony MiniDisc. The driver looks furious. He’s getting out of the car and his moustache is quivering with rage. You have a choice. A) Skate away leaving him and the pieces of your Sony MiniDisc on the floor. B) Apologize profusely, saying you’ll pay for the damage. C) Simply give him a big old squeeze. The chances are he’ll be expecting you to do either of the first two, so by hugging him you momentarily disarm him. Once this is done, you can apologize or skate away. Whichever it is, he’ll be standing in the middle of the road wondering what the hell just happened. By the time he has realized, you’ll be hugging some other bloke half a mile down the road.

7.  Fun. I was once told that I hug like a murderer as I favour the one-handed hug (leaving my left hand free).  Obviously, at 7 Reasons (.org) we’re not going to encourage you to use your free hand to stab the person that you’re hugging.  That would be wrong* and potentially hazardous to you, should you be foolish enough to use a knife with too long a blade.  At least you’d die in someone else’s arms though.  But no, what you should use your free hand for is to affix a note to their back saying “I stole this coat from orphans” or “Please kiss me”.   That’s the sort of thing that makes hugging worthwhile and rewarding.  Who wants a hug?

*Not to mention the consternation that it would cause our legal representatives.

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1 Comment

  1. This is the best 7 reasons you ever post. Sounds funny but it is so great. I love how you enumerate those 7 reasons and the way you justify it. Thanks for sharing. Hug!

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