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Russian Roulette Sunday: Blimey! It’s The Future. Now.

Posted on January 16, 2011 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 2 comments

Last week, 7 Reasons took a step backward.  We went back in time to the antediluvian age of print when our words  – if not our names – appeared in Esquire magazine.  How can we top that, we wondered.  The present will just seem humdrum now.  So we decided to ignore the present and plan for the future.

In historical envisaging of the future, it’s all hoverboards, cars that fly and spangly jumpsuits.  But it’s fast becoming clear that the true instrument of the future will be the Kindle.  That’s how things will be read in years to come.  We determined that the way forward for 7 Reasons was to embrace the Kindle and prepare for it.  Well, Jon thought that we should wear spangly jumpsuits and LED watches, but fortunately he lost the coin-toss.

So we’ve got together with the people at Amazon and we’ve made it happen.  From today, we have a new thing:

The kindle edition of the popular humour website, 7Reasons.org

That’s right Kindlers, 7 Reasons is now available on your Kindles.  So when you’re out there Kindling in your futuristic world of the future, you need never miss a single 7 Reasons post.  They’ll just appear on your Kindle via the combined mediums of witchcraft, space-age jiggery-pokery and the wireless internet.  You can subscribe to 7 Reasons : Kindle Edition here; you can even have a free 14 day trial.  For the rest of us backward peasants there’ll still be the old-fashioned website but you, Kindlers, the beautiful people of the future, will be experiencing 7 Reasons in many amazing ways.

Things the beautiful-future-people will be able to do with their Kindles:

  • Read 7 Reasons in direct sunlight.
  • Read 7 Reasons for hours and hours without straining their eyes.
  • Spot 7 Reasons spelling-mistakes with their built-in dictionary (but not as a drinking game, a post by Jon could prove fatal).
  • Be better than the rest of us.
  • Think of a witty and brilliant fifth thing.

Things that the rest of us will be able to do without Kindles:

  • Stand in mud.
  • Eat a raw turnip.
  • Point at the beautiful-future-people.
  • Lick a fetid dog.
  • Wail with despair and cry until our souls hurt.

So, that’s the future: Available now.  7 Reasons will return tomorrow in many forms.  Like the Devil.

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  1. Does the Kindle think of the witty fifth for you? That’s marvelous

  2. If it’s a choice between a future of Licking fetid dogs or owning a kindle and being better than all others on planet earth, then the choice is clear. Kindle-me up Scotty!

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