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7 Reasons That 24th December Should Be Known As The Day of the Sausage

Posted on December 24, 2010 in Top Posts | 1 comment

Hi there, it’s the day before Christmas and at other humour websites, you could probably expect to find some sort of Christmas Eve themed piece today, cynically concocted to gain the maximum amount of traffic by exploiting the festive mood.  But not here.  Because at 7 Reasons(.org) we have had a great and noble idea.  We’ve come to realise that Christmas Eve is just a little too Christmassy.  Similarly, it’s also occurred to us that it’s just not sausagey enough.  When was the last time that your thoughts turned to sausages on Christmas Eve?  But we think that’s wrong, and we want to change it.  So we see this piece as a clarion call, a rallying cry, because we firmly believe that Christmas Eve should be known as The Day of the Sausage, and here are seven reasons why.

Churchill was never without a sausage.

1.  Rennie. You might think that The Day of the Sausage falling on Christmas Eve is a tremendous coincidence. It isn’t. In fact it has been meticulously planned. At Christmas, you can’t move for two things. People and indigestion tablets. The world is full of them. It is full of indigestion tablets because the day that follows The Day of the Sausage is Christmas Day. A day when, regardless of your religious views, you eat a lot. It’s like a rule. When better therefore to hold The Day of the Sausage? You can spend all of 24th December eating sausages knowing that you will have both enough days and enough tablets to recover.

2.  Vegetarians. Quite how vegetarians survive without meat is probably the one thing I wouldn’t want to be asked when faced with the One Million Pound question by Chris Tarrant. But that’s okay, because I am never going to be asked. I can live content in the knowledge that there are meat substitute products our there for the herbivores among us and no more prominent are they than during the Christmas period. In amongst the people and the indigestion tablets are vegetarian sausages and vegetarian sausages on cocktail sticks and vegetarian sausages wrapped in something that should really be bacon. They have already been catered for! If The Day of the Sausage fell on June 30th, shops would have to fill their shelves with vegetarian sausages twice a year, but with it falling on 24th December they only need to do it once. Which means they can sell proper food in June to go on my barbecue. Never let it be said that we don’t consider the economic elements when we write.

3.  Maths.  Christmas Eve falls on the 24th of December, and you can make that number out of sausages.  You’re probably looking at the numbers 2 and 4 right now thinking, oh no you can’t.  But you’re wrong.  Because sausages come in many forms, but the two most common types of sausage are the straight sausage and the circular sausage (which is essentially a longer version of the straight sausage that can go round corners).  And you can make the number 24 from them.  Here it is.  In binary.

11000 (24) displayed in sausage
Coincidentally, this is just the right amount of sausages for two average sausage consumers to share.

4.  Clarification. If you Google the words ‘Sausage Day’ you will be both disappointed and confused. (Unless you’re a pervert). There is no such thing as an International Sausage Day. Nor a National Sausage Day. Nor just a Sausage Day. There are however various Sausage Weeks. Yes, that’s right. Various Sausage Weeks. More than one. That’s not right! In 2010, British Sausage Week ran from 1st-7th November. However, the Egerton Arms in Knutsford, Cheshire, ran their Sausage Week from 3rd-12th November! Which raises another issue. Do they have 10-day weeks in Knutsford? But that is an issue for another day. Back to the sausages. And to the Cumberland Sausage Day. That falls on 5th July. Yes, it’s a Sausage Day, but a Sausage Day for just one kind of sausage. That is sausagist in anyone’s language. Except French. Where is would be saucissonist. The Day of the Sausage would eliminate such exclusivity and allow the whole world to know exactly when to celebrate their sausage. And that has to be a good thing.

5.  Harmony.  The Day of the Sausage and Christmas Eve won’t conflict with each other.  In fact, to borrow a phrase from George W. Bush, they should be able to co-exist peacefully.  You can even make the traditional Christmas Eve nativity scene using them, as this heartwarming depiction of the birth of the baby Jesusage shows.

it's a nativity scene constructed from meat.
We assume that Americans did this.

6.  Shopping. In something of an exclusive to our 7 Reasons readers, we can reveal that The Day of the Sausage has a sub-agenda. Let us ask you a question. What will you be doing on The Day of the Sausage? The correct answer is eating sausages, celebrating sausages and having your photo taken while hovering your sausage over your top lip so it looks like a moustache. What won’t you be doing? Last-minute Christmas shopping. That’s right, everyone will have forgotten about Christmas. The shops will be empty. So while everyone is celebrating bangers, we will be in Halfords deciding whether our respective partners would prefer the de-icer or some reflectors for their bikes. And because we are kind, both of our readers can join us too.

7.  Santa.  On Christmas Eve Santa comes to visit you, and how do you reward him while he’s emptying his sack into your stockings?  You give him a glass of whisky (he likes a 12 year old Highland Park by the way, don’t ask how we know this) and a mince pie.  But a mince pie is essentially a dessert.  A teeny-tiny dessert.  But look at Santa.  He’s a big, fat, ruddy faced man engaged in a hard job of work on his busiest day of the year.  And you want to give him a pastry confection!   That’s hardly adequate sustenance.  What Santa needs is something more nutritious and something more filling to keep him going.  He needs sausages.  And double the quantity of whisky while you’re at it.*

*The 7 Reasons team would like to wish you a very merry Sausage Day, and a happy Christmas.

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  1. Brilliant!

    Happy Sausage Day, you pair of loveable loons

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