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7 Reasons That I Won’t Be Sending My Christmas Cards Until Christmas Eve

Posted on December 23, 2010 in Posts | 1 comment

It’s almost Christmas and one of the aspects of the festival that I hate the most is writing Christmas cards.   But I’ve come up with a cunning plan for dealing with them.  This year, I won’t be sending any Christmas cards out until Christmas Eve.  Here are seven reasons why.

A stack of envelopes with stamps affixed ready to be dispatched

1.  Space.  When you’re buying your stamps or posting your cards, the post office on Christmas Eve is a far more convivial atmosphere than the post office on December 18th.  When I’m posting my cards tomorrow, I’m going to be alone, with just the post office staff wearing their Santa hats and antlers, and eating their mince pies, (which they’ll probably share with me).   And, instead of being stuck in a long mazy queue of grey people coughing, I’m going to have space to stretch my arms out and spin around.  And that’s what I’m going to do; just because I can.  And because it’s less cruel than swinging a cat.

2.  Time.  Leaving the cards until the last minute will have other benefits too.  Had I written my cards early I’d have spent lots of time writing them out neatly, but I didn’t do that this year, and now that Christmas Eve is almost upon us, I’m doing the Christmas cards as a rush job.  So that’s a lot less time that I’ve spent writing cards: Time that I was able to use more productively.  I didn’t obviously, I spent it mulling things and playing Angry Birds. I also photoshopped a hat onto the statue of liberty.  But it’s still time saved.

3.  Inclusivity.  It’s more inclusive if I send my cards on Christmas Eve.  After all, I’m notoriously forgetful, but I know who I’ve received a card from because there’s a bushel of them in the living room.  Or a gross.  Or a flock (I have no idea how quantities of cards are measured), so it’s easy enough for me to work out who’s sent them and reply.  So if you’ve sent me a card, you’ll get one in return:  And if you haven’t, then you won’t.  Obviously if anyone else is using the same system as me then that’s unfortunate, but if they are, that would benefit the…

4.  Environment.  That the Christmas cards I’ve sent won’t be received until after Christmas is good for the planet.  Because no one sends out a Christmas card after Christmas, so people won’t send out any cards in reply to mine.  So there’ll be less wasted paper, and I’ll have less recycling to do in January.  Which is great, as the first recycling day of the New Year is usually like some sort of glass-themed labour of Hercules, but without Hercules and starring me instead.

5.  Blame.  And no one even need know that their cards weren’t sent until Christmas Eve (unless they’re reading this.  Damn) because what’s the default opinion on the Royal Mail in this country?  It’s that they’re hapless and inefficient.  That’s not strictly true.  Most of the time, they’re dedicated people doing a fine, and quite thankless, job, but they’ll automatically get the blame for the tardy arrival of my cards anyway.  But that’s their problem and I don’t mind using it to my advantage.  After all, I’ve never been stupid enough to change my name to Consignia and they have.

6.  How To Win Friends And Influence People.  When no card arrives before Christmas, friends, family and acquaintances will probably think “The bastard!  He hasn’t sent us a folded over piece of paper with a picture of a fat, bearded man on the front and some illegible scrawl within!  How could he do this to me?” But then, when the card turns up a few days after Christmas (“bloody post office”) they’ll feel loved and wanted again.  And they’ll feel bad for thinking ill of me, which they’ll probably compensate for by being even more well-disposed toward me than usual.  So if I keep doing this every Christmas, people will eventually feel so much affection for me that they will probably erect statues of me when I’m in my old age.  I could get canonized! I could become the next Princess Diana!*

7.  Finances.  I won’t need to buy cards until the last minute, by which time I’ll know exactly how many I need.  So none will be wasted.  So I’ll be saving money.  That’s money that I can spend on other Christmas things like candles that get brought out once a year that nobody ever lights, or those owl baubles that my wife saw (because nothing says Christmas more than a rodent-terrorising bird of prey hanging from a tree).  By leaving the cards until the last moment, I’m going to be better off financially, and I’m going to benefit in many, many other ways too.  I’m a genius!  A mean genius.  I’m a meanius!

*But my mother-in-law won’t be on the stamps.

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1 Comment

  1. I love your theory, It’s awesome!! My boyfriend and I had cards all ready to mail – TWO flippin years in a row. Now, get this…we forgot to mail them.Twice. THAT’S BAD, we know. LOL Talk about an OMG moment when we realized we never mailed them, AGAIN! SO, we came up with the idea to send out New Years cards instead of Christmas cards. Of course we need to start over but why not? These friends and family are important so it’s the very least we can do! SO, I was googling ideas and saw your link and had to reply! Love your 7 reasons, glad I came across it! Hey-by the way…Hope your holidays were great and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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