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Russian Roulette Sunday: A Recipe

Posted on December 19, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

Hi, Marc here.  It’s Sunday and half of the 7 Reasons team is unwell.  Sadly, its the half that’s writing today’s post; so I’m sorry if you’ve been clicking refresh on the homepage for the last few hours waiting expectantly for this to appear.  Anyway, here it is.

Some wine, mulling.

A glass of mulled wine contains several of your five a day. Probably.

We’ve brought you recipes before of course.  I’ve given you a recipe for SPAM on a plank, and Jon’s shown you how to remove something from the freezer.  Badly.  But it occurred to me that we’ve never given you a recipe for something you might conceivably like to consume.  And it’s the time of year for it, so here’s my epic recipe for mulled wine that I’ve been inflicting on house-guests every winter since…well…before we had a house.  Or guests.  Anyway, here are the ingredients that you will need:

2 Bottles of red wine: It doesn’t matter how many people that you are going to give mulled wine too, the correct quantity is always two bottles.  Don’t just use the cheapest wine that you can find as, if you do, your mulled-wine will be mulled-cheap-wine, and no one will like it.  You don’t need to spend very much though, an inexpensive Aussie Shiraz-Cabernet will have enough strong fruit notes and body to support the ingredients, or a cheap Tempranillo.  Just don’t use anything too light of body like a Pinot Noir or a Beaujolais, as it will be overpowered by the other ingredients.

2 Lemons (quartered).

2 Oranges (quartered).

4 Cloves.

5 Tablespoons of honey.

1 Cinnamon stick.

2 Teaspoons of ground ginger.

Put all of the ingredients into a pan.  Put the pan on the hob.  Turn the hob on (to a low heat).  Stir constantly until the mulled-wine is near boiling point but importantly DO NOT LET THE MULLED-WINE BOIL!  When it boils the alcohol escapes, and you need that in order to suffer your house-guests, (or they will need it to suffer you, in my case).  While it is warming, taste frequently and add any random thing you can think of to improve the flavour.  Last New Year’s Eve, I added a quartered and squeezed satsuma, half a cup of brandy, half a cup of triple sec, a big splash of orange juice and a tsunami of dark rum*.  All of these things work very well in it.  When everything’s in and it’s near boiling point turn the hob off and ladle your mulled-wine into cups, mugs or glasses (glasses without handles will be too hot to hold so only give those to guests you dislike).  You may then drink the mulled-wine.  And as you’re the person that made the delicious, warming, tasty beverage that they enjoyed so, everyone will briefly love you and will happily tolerate you for the remainder of the evening.

Right, I’m off to mull my way back to health.  7 Reasons will be back tomorrow with seven reasons…for something.

*Several hours after drinking this mulled-wine when we were cracking open the Champagne, we all realised that we were really quite drunk, and were surprised because we’d only consumed a bit of mulled-wine and three or four beers over the course of the evening.  I think I’ve just solved the mystery.

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