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7 Reasons to Embrace Junk Mail

Posted on December 10, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

Junk mail.  No one likes it, but there are valid reasons to embrace it.  We don’t mean give it a cuddle, that would be weird; we mean accept and enjoy it, because there are – fortunately for us – almost seven reasons to.

Junk Mail (Image courtesy of Stop Junk Mail)

Junk Mail (Image courtesy of Stop Junk Mail)*

1.  Wanted. There is something very comforting about the sound of your letter box opening and something dropping onto the floor. It makes you feel wanted and loved. If it’s a bill then it’s good to know British Gas care that you are still alive and if it’s junk mail – probably from the local estate agent asking you if you would like to consider selling your house to a family of five who have just moved to the area – well it’s good to know that they think you are friendly. You know, the kind of person who would consider moving for a family of five. The estate agents wouldn’t put the same letter through Lord Sugar’s letter box would they? No. Because he has evil in his eyes. And a guard dog.

2.  New Experiences. One of the most regular pieces of junk mail that adorns house mats all over the country are those from local (and not so local) take-away restaurants. Whether it’s Indian, Chinese, Taiwanese, Bangladeshi, Italian or Chav, what a great way to start experiencing a different culture. It might only take you one chicken dansak to decide that you want to go and experience India for itself or it might only take one late pizza delivery by a teenager who calls you ‘boss’ to make you decide you are living in the wrong part of town.

3.  Pens.  They say that you can never have too many pens.  And fortunately, charities have challenged this age-old assumption by providing them to us free of charge to us via the medium of junk mail.  And it turns out that you can have too many pens.  I write stuff every day, in fact you’re reading it now.  I write far more than the average person and rarely use a pen.  I require one pen, for the purpose of writing down random notes that I can’t read later on and eventually turn into paper aeroplanes.  Fortunately though, there is an alternate use for all of the pens that charities send to me at a loss.  I use them as legs for my four-legged (and six-legged) potato animals.  I clearly have too many pens.  And potatoes.

4.  Rubbish. To be embraced heavily are those charity bags that get stuck in your letter box. You know, those that the charities ask you to fill with old and unwanted clothes. Well, if you do manage to remove them from the letter box without ripping them, they make brilliant bin bags. Don’t go walking down the street swinging one around in the breeze though, you’ll become a prime chugger target.  You’ll get chugged.  In a chugging.

5.  Baldness.  We don’t know everything about the 7 Reasons readership.  The 7 Reasons team both have hair, and we imagine that our readers do too.  But there may be some who are afflicted with baldness.  And, if there should be such people reading, they might learn from this use of junk-mail.  Because back – way back – in history, in a time almost lost to human memory there was once a thing, a sort of a big flaming ball of heat and light that dwelt in the sky.  Some cultures worshipped it, some feared it, and it had many names.  Here, it was known as the sun.  And, in those far-gone days, when it lit up the sky, it was a menace to the follicularly challenged who lacked the natural protection from its rays that the rest of us take for granted.  But with junk-mail there’s always a free emergency hat lying on their doormat, waiting to be origamied.  Just in case the great orb in the sky should ever reappear, as unlikely as that seems.

6.  Love. If this isn’t enough to satisfy your junk mail habit, then the final option is to create a junk mail-mache person. Then you can really embrace it if you are that way inclined. Or a pervert as it is more commonly known. Just make sure they are dry first.*

7.  Lifestyle.  As a guide to living, junk mail is invaluable.  Want to know what not to eat or drink?  All of that information is conveniently posted unsolicited through your letterbox.  Whether it’s takeaways, highly dubious drinks delivery services, or the offers at your local branch of Londis.  If a picture of something (these things are always pictorial) comes through your letterbox, then it’s disgusting and common and bad for you.  Yet surprisingly tempting when drunk; which is how they get you, by the way.  They expect you to read them when you’re lying face-down on your own doormat having just made it home from a big night out; when your guard is down.  Why else would they put them there?  Bastards.

*Because wet perverts are the worst kind.

You can also use it to make one of these!

*If you can’t find the love to embrace junk mail, check out Stop Junk Mail here.

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