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7 Reasons That You Shouldn’t Knock on the Front Door When I’m in the Bath

Posted on December 9, 2010 in Top Posts | 0 comments

Yesterday, while I was bathing, someone knocked on the front door.  They shouldn’t have.  Here are seven reasons why.

A black and white picture of a man chopping wood with an axe.  1940s

1.  Doubt.  I’m lying in the bath.  I’m wet.  I’m not about to get up to answer the door, it’ll be bloody cold standing on the doorstep with only a towel around my waist and five chest hairs to keep me warm, so of course I’m going to lie here.  But what if it’s important?  What if there’s a gas leak and they’ve come to alert me?  What if the house next door is on fire?  What if the police have come to warn me that there’s an axe-murderer on the loose?

2.  Foreboding.  What if it is the axe-murderer?  I’m alone in the house with my cat.  An axe-murderer wouldn’t be satisfied with hacking the cat to death, that wouldn’t even be murder.  That would be animal cruelty.  That would probably be an assault to the dignity of the axe-murderer:  It would be a demotion from axe-murderer to cruel man (with axe).  He’d be a laughing stock.  He would be shunned by the other axe-murderers.  That would never do.

3.  Fear.  What if he’s the sort of axe-murderer who doesn’t want to chop me into a barely identifiable pulp of blood, flesh and sinew right away?  What if he’s the kind that’s on the run and wants somewhere to hide for a while; menacing my cat with his axe in the living room while I tell the police at the door that I haven’t seen anyone and that I’m alone in the house?  I don’t want one of those.  It’ll be hours before my wife comes home and I can hide behind her.  Hours.

4.  Terror.  What if he needs to hide out for a couple of days?  What in the hell would we feed him?  We’ve had snow here for two weeks and the shops haven’t had much in; all we would have to offer him are vast quantities of limoncello and Twiglets.  And I doubt that axe-murderers even like Twiglets.  After all, I bloody love Twiglets and I’m the total opposite of an axe-murderer; I’m a no-axed-not-murderer, or as we’re more commonly known, a victim.   So, the axe-murderer will have lots to drink, but nothing to eat.  So he’ll be drunk, and he’ll be cross.  He’ll be a drunken, angry, axe-murderer which, I rather suspect, is the worst sort.

5.  Twiglets.  What if he does like Twiglets?  Because these aren’t just any Twiglets.  Oh no.  These are the Christmas Twiglets.  The Twiglets that I’m not allowed to touch.  The Twiglets that no one is allowed to touch, or even gaze directly at for a prolonged period.  Not until Christmas Twiglet season begins at 9pm on the 24th of December.  I’ve made that mistake before and there were consequences.  And now I know better than to breach the sanctity of the Christmas Twiglets.  In fact, I seem to remember that, following the incident that has come to be known as Christmas-Twiglet-gate, my wife told me that if I ever ate the Christmas Twiglets again (outside of the clearly defined time-frame) that she would kill me.  So that’s it.  It’s Hobson’s bloody choice.  If the axe-murderer likes Twiglets I can either tell him he can’t have any and he’ll kill me with an axe, or I can let him have them and my wife will kill me without an axe (with a handbag probably, or her soup).  Basically, I’m fucked.

6.  Reflection.  When was the last time I saw an axe-murderer?  I haven’t seen any for ages.  I don’t think I’ve seen one since The Shining.  There used to be loads of them.  Absolutely bloody loads, but their numbers seem to have declined.  They seem to have had some sort of heyday in the late 1940s when they were menacing Fred MacMurray and Ida Lupino in a remote California farmhouse most weekends, and then their numbers appear to have dwindled away to nothing.  So, in all probability, it wasn’t an axe-murderer that knocked on my door about sixty minutes ago.

7.  Resolution.  My fingers are wrinkly, I’m cold, and my left knee has literally turned blue.  I have other things to do.  I’m supposed to be writing tomorrow’s 7 Reasons piece.  I’m not even supposed to be thinking about the Christmas Twiglets.  I’m not allowed to do that until the 22nd.  You’ve just stolen an hour of my life and caused me think dangerous thoughts and turned my knee a funny colour (somewhere between cobalt and Prussian blue).  Damn you, whoever you are/were.  Next time, I’m coming down in my towel.  To my death, probably.

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