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7 Reasons to Love Snovember

Posted on November 25, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

It’s Snovember!  Here are seven reasons to love it.

A road covered in snow in Snovember

1.  The Title.  As a portmanteau word combining both weather and a month, Snovember works better than almost any other.  In snow terms, its closest rivals are Snarch, Snuly and Snebruary, and although other weather events/months exist; Sune, Haily and Thunduary don’t even come close to Snovember for catchy, popular appeal and ease of pronunciation.

2.  Effect.  The snow buries things, which is excellent.  Today it’s burying ongoing news stories such as the Irish financial crisis, higher rail ticket prices and other depressing news that we now have no chance whatsoever of hearing from the other side of the world, leaving us only with a vague sense that Ian Bell was very good and that there’s snow outside.  Look!  Snow!  See the snow!  Touch the snow!  Smell the snow!  Think only of the snow!  It’s THE SNOW!!!

3.  Thanksgiving.  That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving day in the U.S. but now you won’t have to read about that here, because we’re far too excited by the snow to write about it.  We don’t even know what they’re giving thanks for: Turkeys?  Football?  Macy’s?  We don’t know, and we don’t care.  Because it’s Snovember; we can see actual snow and because of that we won’t be hearing about turkeys on the evening news or anything else related to pilgrims or thankfulness that we don’t understand.

4.  Safety. Councils in the UK tend to stockpile their grit in time for December and could potentially get caught out by the early snowfall but fortunately, as the wintry weather has come in Snovember, we have plenty of ashes* left over from bonfire night to spread on it.  If the snow occurred in other months, we’d have had to cover it in tinsel, chocolate eggs or pumpkins; and falling over a pumpkin on your way to work is not the best start to the day.**

5.  Indolence.  The early snowfall gives everyone the excuse to do what they’ve really wanted to do since October and give up all outdoor exercise until the Spring.  No rational person wants to go out running, cycling or canoeing during the cold half of the year and the snow is our opportunity to stop doing those things and concentrate on what we really want to spend the winter doing; which is eating our own bodyweight in Twiglets and drinking ourselves into a mulled-wine and sloe-gin induced stupor.  We may all become hideously fat as a result, but the extra weight will just make us more stable in the snow and better protected when we fall over.  Which will help offset the effect of the glühwein.  And the winter Pimm’s.

6.  Shopping.  It’s Snovember!  And rather than the snow reminding people that it’s Christmas soon and they need to go and do their shopping, it will prevent them from going out and buying Yule-related things.  This means that we won’t have to devote as much time to arranging Christmas as usual and, even though we’ll now have less time to organise it, it will turn out exactly the same as every other year.  And somehow, somewhere, it might just enter our thick skulls that we don’t need to devote a quarter of the year to organising bloody Christmas and it will happen anyway, regardless.

7.  Preparedness.  The trial run in Snovember will prepare us for winter proper.  We’ll be able to get the annual bout of complaining that; our cars won’t work in un-driveable conditions, that the local council haven’t magicked the snow away, and that the entirely predictable snow in Sweden doesn’t cause chaos, out of the way and then get on with our lives as usual.  Or we’ll just use it as an excuse to get in some extra complaining.  Either way, we’re all benefiting from Snovember.  In fact, we’re off to play in the snow right now.  We’ve never even heard of cricket.  It’s Snovember everybody!  Look!  Snow!

*We can’t emphasise enough how lower-case that entire word is.

**We’re not entirely certain about that, it might be bloomin’ marvellous, but we rather suspect that it may be a little undignified.  Not to mention painful.

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