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We’ve Moved!

Posted on November 7, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

It’s Sunday, so no reasons today.  Here’s something different.  Last week we brought you a tale of horror and woe, and this week we bring you…a tale of horror and woe, because we have an announcement:

We’ve moved!  You may not have noticed yet, but we have.  We’ve moved from Gloucestershire to Kent.  Strange, the website doesn’t look any different, you’re probably thinking; I can’t see any oast-houses or Dover Castle or France, but I promise you that we’ve moved. We’ve changed our web-hosts from Fasthosts to EZPZ hosting.

And we hope the new web-hosts that we’ve moved to will provide you, the reader and us, the men who have spent many, many, many of the hours that they should have spent writing in the last year trying to get answers from Fasthosts about why our website wasn’t being hosted effectively, with a more reliable experience.  As our experience with Fasthosts has been appalling.

In fact, we started monitoring our site’s uptime over the past few weeks, and it turns out that with Fasthosts, our site was working less than 99% of the time.  Imagine if you had a car that wasn’t there 1% of the time when you came to use it.  Or your house wasn’t there for over three and a half days out of the year, but you didn’t know when that would be, or that the sun vanished intermittently.

And it’s not just that the site would disappear while we were trying to read it; it would also disappear while we were trying to write it, which resulted in an awful lot of lost work.  In fact, I’ve found myself spending a lot of time that I should have spent creating stuff and writing for the website monitoring its performance and corresponding with the web hosts.

As a result of the many support tickets that we have raised and the many questions we have asked them in the past year, Fasthosts have properly investigated our downtime twice.  And they’ve come to the conclusion that there isn’t a problem at their end and that it must be our fault, which is strange as, since we’ve moved the website, it has been working for 100% of the time.  Which rather undermines their claims.

It’s not just technical incompetence.  A couple of days ago – we disabled the auto-renew facility some time ago – they tried to take money from my credit card to pay for web hosting for the coming year (something they didn’t have permission to do).  Fortunately, they have the details of an old card and it didn’t go through.

Anyway, we’ve moved and we wanted our experiences with Fasthosts to have a home on the internet so that anyone thinking of using them and perhaps googling “Should I switch to Fasthosts”, “Are Fasthosts any good” or, “naked web hosting” (people search for almost everything pre-fixed by the word naked) would find this piece and would be forewarned.

Hopefully now, the 7 Reasons team will have less correspondence like this:


I fully intended to forward any response on why we’re down to you.  But, other than the initial automated (and pointless) response to our first email from Shithosts, there has been none.  Nor have they replied to us via Twitter.  This is on their webshite:

Websites hosted on will currently be unavailable. Our engineers are investigating.
Update: 8:35: Our engineers have found the cause of the issue. However, it is likely that a resolution will require a server rebuild. We will restore all data from a recent backup and will update this page when further information and a completion time become available. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
This issue is presently under investigation:

Our ip address is whether this applies to us is a mystery to me, I’ll update you as soon as I hear anything/they bother to reply/I turn up at their offices in Gloucester brandishing a weapon,


P.S.  Makes me really glad I spent 8 hours working on today’s post now.

P.P.S.  Do you have backups of all of the posts that you uploaded yesterday?

P.P.P.S.  We were on course to have one of our best Mondays ever yesterday.  Before our site disappeared.

And more correspondence like this:


The website is working fine.  It’s nice here in Kent.  Look, I can see deer strolling through the meadow next to the tiramisu farm.  Would you like some beer from the perpetual fountain?


In conclusion: If you are looking for web hosting.  Never, ever use Fasthosts.  They’re no good at web hosting, their customer service is woeful, they can’t be trusted with your credit card details and they’re expensive (our new hosting is almost two and a half times cheaper).

7 Reasons (.org) will return tomorrow; I can state with utter confidence.

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