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7 Reasons That This Picture Is Amazing

Posted on October 20, 2010 in Top Posts | 0 comments

A friend of mine sent me this picture.  And it’s amazing.  Here are seven reasons why.

A cute picture of three pigs (two adults and a piglet) eating.

1.  It’s Cute.  Just look at the sweet little pig feeding between the bigger pigs.  Look how sweet and little and cute he is.  Awwww.  What a lovely, heart-warming, rustic scene.

2.  It’s Compelling. The cute pig picture was on my monitor when my wife was walking past the room and, having glimpsed it, she was beside me within a nanosecond, looking rather flustered and seemingly unable to take her eyes off it.  “Isn’t the little piggy cute?”  I enquired.  “Errr…er…yes”, she replied, before wandering off, looking back at it over her shoulder a couple of times as she left the room.

3.  It’s Unexpected. The friend that sent me the picture of the cute pig did so in an email entitled Not What You Think.  And he was right.  Because usually when I get an email from him it contains some sort of smut or a horrific example of Darwinism.  The last thing I expected was a nice animal picture.  It seems that seeing the cute pig has brought out my friend’s better side.

4.  It Brings Out Deep-Rooted Primitive Beliefs. Using my phone I showed another friend the picture of the cute piggy while we were in a bar and his reaction was extraordinary.  After a couple of seconds looking at the picture, he grabbed my phone and tried to hide it under the table.  I can only imagine he thought that by looking at the picture we were stealing the pig’s soul, but I never got the chance to ask because…

5.  It’s Awesome. So awesome that the sight of it caused a woman seated a couple of tables behind us to gasp audibly and point, slack-jawed in our direction.  This was unnerving and we left quite soon after.  But not before I observed that…

6.  It’s Inspirational.  Because the gasping woman was obviously very taken with the cute piggy; I couldn’t hear what she was saying, but when her friend came back from the toilet she seemed very excited and spent several minutes telling her about the picture in a breathless and animated manner.  She pointed many more times, and touched her ruddy cheeks a lot.  The cuteness of the piggy seemed to have affected her greatly.  Hormones, I expect.

7.  It’s Baffling. Because I like the cute pig; I like the little fella a lot, don’t get me wrong.  But other people seem extraordinarily taken with him, and there are other, cuter animal pictures out there that don’t provoke such a reaction.  This one, for example:

a cute picture of baby red pandas in a tree

Awww.  Much cuter.

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