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Russian Roulette Sunday: How You Found Us: Part 2

Posted on October 17, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 2 comments

Hello!  It’s Sunday again and here’s part two in an occasional series that takes you behind the scenes of 7 Reasons.  How You Found Us gives you, the reader, a glimpse into something usually only seen by us, the people who know the password, into the ways that this website has been discovered.  This time, we’ve split them into categories.  Seven categories (it felt weird experimenting with the number ten last week).  Enjoy.  And try not to have nightmares.

1.  Phrases you used to find us that we found flattering:

funny website


good humour

Epic Moustache

I lust you

Extra large penis


2.  Phrases you used to find us that we found less flattering:

scary man


I dont care

funny faced people


you dirty mind

the scariest mask in the world

3.  Phrases you used to find us that we’re sorry we couldn’t help with:

cooking frozen sausages

What time is Blue Peter on

where do women urinate from?

what to do with lemons

who is the most beautiful naked woman in the world?

are oranges gay?

how to wear socks

4.  Phrases you used to find us that we don’t know anything about and nor do we want to:

horse sex tube

The Pope naked


Margaret Thatcher mask

sex with house

Naked Pocahontas

pictures of socks

5.  Phrases you used to find us that are just plain wrong:

Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a foot

reasons for Piers Morgan

the queen paints front door

The Daily Mail

6.  Phrases you used to find us that there is no earthly explanation for and that we can’t help with:

pin the sperm on the egg

naked hunting

syphilis fruit

dead squirrels

mermaid found in Haiti

7.  Phrases you used to find us that there is no earthly explanation for but that we were able to help with:

the network is down  (easy one, our website is hosted by Fasthosts)

Ryan Giggs hiding cupboard (we don’t know why a friend of ours googled this but we do know who she is so we made her one).

the stylish and functional Ryan Giggs hiding cupboard.  Also available in black.7 Reasons will return tomorrow.  With reasons and stuff.

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  1. Does the shop also stock the Ian Bell Display Birdcage? I know an Aussie blogger who really wants one….

  2. Reina, fortunately it doesn’t as The Sledgehammer of Eternal Justice is far better uncaged. CWB will have to build their own cage if they want one. After the Ashes.

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