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Russian Roulette Sunday. Press Play: Feel Happy

Posted on August 29, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

Hello!  It’s Sunday again, and the 7 Reasons team are away for the day.  Half of the team is busy poisoning his friends and family with cookery, and the other half has managed to pick 4.2 kilograms more blackberries than he required and is wondering what the hell to do with the rest.  If you have any ideas, please let us know.  We have already made two years worth of jam and four litres of blackberry vodka and have now run out of ideas.

The 7 Reasons team have been busy updating the website recently and, as of yesterday, we are now able to host and play our own flv and swf files, which is something we’re very excited about.  We sense that not everyone will be as enthused about this development as we are, so we’ve provided you with something short that’s guaranteed to make you happy.  Just press play.  (It’s even better in full screen).  Play it as many times as you want, he won’t get tired.

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