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7 Reasons Ironing Is Dangerous

Posted on July 20, 2010 in Posts | 7 comments

7 Reasons Ironing Is Dangerous

1.  Ironing Board Covers. Goodness knows why man can’t invent a cover that actually fits the ironing board properly. I don’t know, maybe it is just one of those impossible challenges. Like building a pyramid upside down. Anyway, an ironing board cover that decides to flap around and generally not stay where it is meant to, really annoys me. So much so that I might kick out. Unfortunately, the same git who decided not to design the cover properly, also left sharp bits of metal on the underside of the board.


2.  Calluses. In the same way that one might gain calluses on their finger tips as they play the guitar, I am developing them where the fingers meet the palm of the hand. Not dangerous in itself, but a sign that I am developing a reputation for being someone who likes ironing. And that is a very dangerous reputation to live with.


3.  RSI. No not Repetitive Strain Injury, but Ridiculously Short Ironing-Board. How the bloody hell am I supposed to remove all the creases from the duvet cover if I can only iron 12% of its surface area at anyone time? The rest just creases itself on the floor. So I have to do it again. And again. And again. Until I become an addict. And addictions are dangerous.


4.  Trip Hazards. And while we are talking about my duvet cover creasing itself on the floor, I must also point out that it’s also trip hazard. Or at least 88% of it is. Poxy thing. I have enough trouble staying upright as it is. I don’t need props.


5.  RSI. No, not Ridiculously Short Ironing-Board – we’ve dealt with that already – but Repetitive Strain Injury. There are only so many movements you can make with an iron – assuming you are doing the job properly anyway. Right to left or left to right seem to be the only options. I would love to do top to bottom, but whoever invented bras made it impossible.


6.  Sharks. You may be thinking, ‘How they hell do sharks make ironing dangerous?’ Trust me, if you are doing your ironing on a surfboard the last thing you need to worry about is whether your girlfriend is going to notice that iron shaped burn.


7.  People. They generally don’t like it when you iron their clothes. Especially if: (a) they are complete strangers and (b) they are wearing them at the time. Usually this will result in either: (a) a punch, (b) an arrest warrant or (c) both.

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  1. How big are your Bra’s that they require ironing?

  2. I can’t believe you iron duvets – and is your bra so tight you cannot move your hand up and down? Please do not answer that…

  3. Ironing clothes is dangerous only if you are doing it while watching TV 🙂

  4. Daughter “i’ve broken my ironing board” (whilst at uni) me “how?”, daughter
    “surfing on it at an indoor beach party!”

  5. @Andy: It depends which washing line I nick them from.
    @Ceci: Believe it. It happens. I am not answering.
    @Jane: Have you had a bad experience?
    @Chrissy: Ah, yes. We’ve all been there.

  6. Don’t ever try to iron your clothes if you’re feeling already tired. Just go and rest instead or else you’ll end up burning your favorite top.

  7. Ironing clothes is not somethin I’m really good at. I’d rather do the laundry, well at least with the help of the washing machine.

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