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Russian Roulette Sunday: 7 Reasons: The Trailer: The Trailer

Posted on July 18, 2010 in Movies, Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

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It’s Russian Roulette Sunday again and once more the saga of advertising our website rears its head.  We currently have a trailer – rather catchily entitled 7 Reasons: The Trailer – under construction.  We promised it to you several weeks ago, and it still isn’t ready yet.  It’s been a nightmare saga of broken computers, missing cameras, temperamental hairdryers and complications with rendering and frame rates so dull that overhearing talk of them would kill a casual listener stone dead; the making of Fitzcarraldo was probably less problematic.  But progress is being made, and now we are at the stage where we can present 7 Reasons: The Trailer: The Trailer.  This, we firmly believe, is progress, and so certain are we that the completion of 7 Reasons: The Trailer is within sight that we’re prepared to state – confidently – that it will be ready soon (ish).

7 Reasons: The Trailer: The Trailer

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