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7 Reasons to Ignore “Official” Advice on Mountain Lions and Bears

Posted on July 15, 2010 in Posts | 3 comments

Friend of 7 Reasons, Simon Best, spotted this yesterday in the Rocky Mountain National Park newspaper.  It’s 7 Ways to Protect Yourself From a Mountain Lion or a Bear.

A picture of an article from the Rocky Mountain National Park Newspaper

At 7 Reasons, we read anything that comes in sevens, but there was something about the advice in this article that didn’t seem quite right.  In fact, all of the suggestions contained in the article raised our suspicion.

We’ve scrutinised it carefully, and we are of the firm opinion that this article is a trap, written by hungry bears and mountain lions to dupe gullible tourists into feeling at ease when walking in the Rocky Mountain National Park.   Here’s what we suspect was in their minds when they wrote this diabolical document:

1.  “Travel in groups and make much noise as you hike.  Keep your group, especially children, close together.”  Travel en masse (because we are hungry mountain lions and bears) and make much noise (this will make you easy for us to find).  Keep your group, especially children (who are fast) close together (this will cut down on the chasing.  We find the chasing tiring).

2.  “Do not approach a mountain lion or a bear.”  Because we may be busy stealing picnic baskets or shitting in the woods.  Instead, we will approach you, when you least expect it.  Usually when you’re taking a nap or using the toilet yourself.  We find this hilarious.

3.  “Stay calm when you see a mountain lion or bear”  Because agitated people don’t taste as nice.

4.  “Stop; back away slowly.  Never turn your back and run.”  Move slowly (this makes you easier to catch.) Never turn your back and run (as you may startle the mountain lion that we have stationed behind you.  This will make him cross).

5.  “Stand tall and look large.  Raise your arms.  Protect small children by picking them up.”  Stand tall and look large (you will be easy for us to see).  Raise your arms (easier).  Protect small children by picking them up (this saves us from having to bend down to eat them).

6.  “If approached, make loud noises, shout, clap hands, clang pots and pans.”  We’re big fans of Stomp.  Perform for us before we dine.

7.  “If attacked by a mountain lion or bear, fight back!”  And then we will tear you limb from limb; with our bear hands.

So, to summarise, ignore the advice in this article as it might as well have Sponsored by the North American Association of Hungry Mountain Lions and Bears written at the bottom of it.  Oh, and be wary of bears and mountain lions, as they’re clearly up to no good.

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  1. Why is there no gizmo I can click to register my approval for posts? I would like to run round several computers and press the thumbs up gizmo for this. 7 computers probably

  2. Wow, I can’t believe that an organization would put out a pamphlet like that! Good job keeping them honest.

  3. @fishing organizations I know. And thanks. We consider it a service to 7 Reasons readers. None of whom have ever been eaten by a bear, presumably due to our diligence.

    @Ceci Thanks you’re very kind. We decided to disable the post-rating system because it clashed with the new theme; it became unreliable and killed page-loading times in some browsers and wouldn’t work at all in others. Before the theme change, when it was in place, less than 1% of site visitors used it which isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for keeping the thing. We also used to get weirdos who would visit our site for less than a minute and would rate down four or more posts in that time – obviously without reading them – for reasons we can’t begin to fathom. That sort of hostility tended to spoil our fun. And as fun is what 7 Reasons should be all about it was another factor in our decision to remove it.

    The only thing Jon and I miss is the ability to rate comments, but I hope that we can show our appreciation for everyone that uses the comments section by listening to (and enjoying) their comments and responding to them considerately and fully.

    I suppose we feel that people can best show their appreciation by joining in and coming out to play with us, which is something you do excellently and most enjoyably anyway, Ceci. Or you can send tiramisu. We’d like that.

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