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7 Reasons I Shouldn’t Do A Mexican Wave In My Living Room

Posted on June 29, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

Ever wondered what would happen if you started a Mexican wave in your own living room?  I did.  I thought it through during the Brazil vs. Chile match last night.  I won’t be starting one.


Uniformed British Police doing a Mexican Wave

I love this picture!


1.  I’ll look foolish. My wife won’t join in.  As I enthusiastically stand up and raise my arms aloft, she’ll gaze disdainfully over her knitting at me while rooted to the spot.  I’ll look like a fool.


2.  She’ll look foolish. My wife joins in.  As – in response to me – she enthusiastically stands, raises her arms aloft, and jubilantly hurls her knitting ceiling-ward, I’ll gaze at her contemptuously at her thinking why is she joining in?  She looks like a fool.

3. We’ll both look foolish. Our cat won’t join in.  He will gaze, apparently aghast, at the cretinous behaviour of the simpletons on the other sofa.  Why are they not paying me any attention?  What the hell are they doing?  They look like fools.

4.  The cat will look foolish. The cat joins in.  My wife and I will gaze, slack-jawed, at the astonishing behaviour of the creature on the other sofa.  The useless animal can’t even catch birds.  Why is his only talent the Mexican wave?  Wow!  Okay, it’s quite  cool though.

5.  Our neighbour will look foolish. He won’t join in.  He will, however, stare incredulously as he glimpses our Mexican wave through his living room window.  When he says, as an aside, to his wife, “Have you seen what the weird couple from across the street are up to now…Good lord! Is that a cat performing a Mexican wave?” He’ll look like a fool.  His wife will wonder whether to ration his port.

6. Our neighbour’s wife will feel foolish. She won’t join in.  She will, however, glance furtively for the remainder of the World Cup – at her vociferously adamant husband’s insistence – to glimpse the Mexican waving cat through our living room window *.  Having invested a substantial amount of time dubiously looking for something so incredible and unlikely, she’ll feel like a fool.  What am I doing?  I’m trying to see a cat do a Mexican wave.  Is this how it started with Aunt Hilda?

7.  South America will feel foolish. After all, if Brazil had played with a bit more flair, and Chile had more of a cutting edge in attack I wouldn’t even have been considering doing a Mexican wave in my own living room.  I’d have been fixated on the football.  Like I was during Mexico vs. Argentina.  Or most of the other matches.  Is this the most convoluted way of saying “dull match” ever?


*Our cat absolutely, categorically does not join in with Mexican waves.  Please stay away from our windows during the World Cup.  There is nothing to see here.   Except for a man eating crisps, a woman knitting and a dozing cat.

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