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Russian Roulette Sunday: The A to Z of 7 Reasons (part II)

Posted on June 27, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

Well, it’s Sunday again, and the thing that we were hoping to bring you has been put back due to our website difficulties this week.  So here’s the thing that was going to appear next week: Part II of the A-Z of 7 Reasons.  Last week remains unaffected.

N is for No.  Which is the answer to the question, is writing 7 Reasons every other day ever a chore? Some days it’s difficult; you don’t feel funny, or you’re ill, or you’re busy trying to do something else, or you’re tired, but it’s always an enjoyable thing to do.  If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t do it.  And you wouldn’t read it.  Which you are doing.  Right now.  Hello!

O is for October. It was in this month in the year of 2009 that 7 Reasons was born. In years to come people will remember this time. Probably because we’ll keep reminding them. So thinking logically, it would help if you just made a note and sent us beer in October. Thanks.

P is for Penguin.

At 7 Reasons have a psychedelic penguin.  He doesn’t have a name.  And he sometimes turns up when you least expect him.  Or, in the case of next Sunday, when you most expect him.  What could possibly make anyone happier than a psychedelic penguin?

Q is for Quinn. Or, to use her correct name, Claire Elizabeth Quinn. This is who actually comes up with all the posts for the Kent side of the sofa. And probably explains the display cushions.

R is for Rohan.  Purveyor of the Pilkington hat: The official hat of 7 Reasons.

A Rohan ad,advert,advertisment for the Pilkington Hat.

S is for Sofa. Half of it is in Yorkshire, half of it has just moved from London to somewhere in Kent. Though quite where in Kent the sofa isn’t sure. A bit like its owner.

T is for T’internet.  Which is what the internet is known as in Yorkshire.  We don’t have to prefix web addresses with a t though, that would be wasteful. And that sort of profligacy is frowned upon in Yorkshire, where men are men and women read this:

The cover of the womens lifestyle magazine, Yorkshire Wife

U is for Ubiquitous. 7 Reasons is everywhere. It’s in everything and on anything. A bit like air. Everywhere you look there are 7 Reasons. For example: I am looking at the screen of my Mac at the moment. Immediately I can think of 7 Reasons why I am writing this at 10.30pm on a Saturday. And none of them are pretty.

V is for Vuvuzela.  Vuvuzelas are eroding our brains.  We don’t know why, but we have a hunch that they are.  Am I the only one that can still hear them when the football stops?

W is for Words. These are the tools of our trade. Without them we’d be very boring, but far better at spelling them.  Expert, in fact.

X is for Xylophone.  We’ve never mentioned one.  Until now.

Y is for Yes.  Which is the answer to the question, did you find coming up with something for X really difficult?

Z is for Zebedee.  The biblical character that caused half of the 7 Reasons team to have such an uncontrollable and sustained fit of hysterical laughter that he was eventually sent from his R.E. lesson to a considerably less amusing interview with his headmaster.  To this day, he still can’t see or hear the name Zebedee without being amused.  The next time you see a member of the 7 Reasons team, say “Zebedee”.  At least one of them will laugh.  A lot.

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