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7 Reasons John McEnroe Can Not Be Serious (About His Hair)

Posted on June 23, 2010 in Movies, Posts | 2 comments

With the opening credits of BBC’s 2010 Wimbledon coverage came joy, happiness, extortionately priced strawberries and the horror of John McEnroe’s new hair. I say new hair, it’s probably quite old hair, but it does look different. And not for the better. Here are 7 Reasons – in a nicely packaged video format (just to show I can’t be outdone) – that explain why Mr John McEnroe should not have been tempted to rid the old look.

7 Reasons John McEnroe Can Not Be Serious (About His Hair)

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  1. I’ve never quite managed to work out what that *Tzzzzching* noise is at the end of the ident is. Is it Marc’s cat or Jonathan’s cricket bat getting electrocuted?

  2. It’s feedback from my microphone. It was very loud in my ears at the time. I am still recovering.

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