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Russian Roulette Sunday: The A to Z of 7 Reasons (part I)

Posted on June 20, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

Crikey!  It’s the first part of an A to Z of 7 Reasons.  Whatever will they think of next?  Yup, the second part.  Almost certainly.

A is for Advertising. It’s something we haven’t quite got right yet. Since we blew the whole of our budget on an ad from Pearl & Dean, we have been kicking around trying to make the most of our own talents. Which is why we’ve created masks and stolen 1970s posters and changed the words. We’ll get it right though. Someday.


B is for Bath.  Much of the creative thought that goes into 7 Reasons occurs in the bath.  Many, many posts and website features have had their genesis there.  The bath is a place of much 7 Reasons creativity.  It is not, however, a place for 7 Reasons meetings.  We won’t make that mistake again.  Oh the horror.


C is for Cat. Or, to give him his correct name, Horatio Pyewackett Caractacus Fearns. This is who actually comes up with all posts for the Yorkshire side of the sofa. And probably explains all the scratches.


D is for Daily.  7 Reasons has a new post every day.  Not always with the correct amount of apostrophes, but it’s there (or rather here) every day.  We’re more reliable than the postman, more dedicated than god, and more committed than…in fact, we probably should be committed.


E is for Eighth Reason Competition. One of the better ideas Jon has had, though that isn’t saying much. You may not have realised it, but it is still running. All you have to do is think of an eighth reason for one of that week’s posts and you may well win a badge. Well actually, you will win a badge. Because no one else will enter.


F is for France.  We’re probably not welcome there.  Perhaps as a result of this image.

Or as a result of this post.  Or this post.  Or this post.


G is for Guests. Every Saturday someone joins us on the sofa. And they’ve come up with some intriguing observations. Things about gussets; and cricket kits looking like bananas; and freckles. And, rather frustratingly, they always prove the most popular posts of the week.


H is for Hell’s teeth!  Which is what I exclaimed when 7 Reasons was first read in Ulaanbaatar.  Strange that someone in Mongolia would want to know why Marc’s afraid of Flamenco dancers but there you go.  The world:  It’s a bit odd.


I is for Intelligence. This is something Marc and Jon are still striving for. Though until 7 Reasons is finally put to rest, they’ll go on looking at plant pots and Germans and tortoise shells and thinking there are 7 Reasons right there.


J is for Jennifer.  Jennifer Aniston.  Ah Jennifer, Jennifer.  Jen Jen.  One day we feel sure that you’ll respond to our phone calls/emails/faxes/letters/texts/tweets/notes written on beermats and pushed under your door/petrarchan sonnets performed from the depths of your garden hedge.  One day.  One fine day.  One happy, happy day.  One glorious day.


K is for Kent (via Sussex). This is where the first half of the 7 Reasons team is based. If we are doing it in alphabetical order. If we’re doing it in height order, it would be the second half. But we’re not. We’re doing it in alphabetical order. So it’s the first half.


L is for Lucubration.  Like most good things, much of the work that goes into 7 Reasons happens at night, while mere mortals are sleeping or watching television or knitting or whatever people do at night when they’re not writing.  They edit probably.  We don’t know what they do, we are busy.  We write.  At night.  Oh, and during the day too.   We just wanted to show off our fancy word.


M is for Muppet. If it wasn’t for muppetry, you wouldn’t be reading this A-Z now. All will become clear next week.  We’re very excited about next week.  Be sure to clear three minutes and seven seconds in your diary next Sunday.  We’ve cleared six minutes and fourteen seconds, but then there are two of us.  Did we mention that we’re excited?

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