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7 Reasons That it Sucks to be a Psychedelic Penguin

Posted on April 30, 2010 in Top Posts | 2 comments

1.  Ostracisation. The other penguins won’t play with you, because you’re different, and penguins can be mean.

2.  Confectionery. The manufacturers of Penguin bars won’t like you, because your colours would increase their printing costs and their accountants are all about the bottom line and are mean.

3.  Spectacle. People may capture you and imprison you in a zoo, because you’re different, and people are mean.

4.  Movies. Black and white movie-makers will shun you.  This is because you eclipse their colourless show, and because they are mean.

5.  Dinner. Killer whales will be able to see you more easily, and will eat you, because killer whales are mean (and greedy).

6. Decor. Interior designers will detest you because you will ruin their carefully planned colour schemes, and because interior designers are mean.

7.  Poo. No one will want to step on your psychedelic poo.  This is because poo -psychedelic or otherwise – is disgusting.  They’ll know it was you that did it too.

Okay, who doesn’t want a psychedelic penguin?

*7 Reasons for grown-ups will return tomorrow.

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  1. This absolutely made my day, guys!! Thank you!

    People in the office were really getting me down. Because they are mean.
    .-= darylhb´s last blog ..Make The Studio Bigger =-.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it Daryl, thanks for letting us know, that cheered us up too. Have you considered setting fire to the office?
    .-= Marc´s last blog ..Change =-.

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