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7 Reasons To Replace Your Car With A Tank

Posted on March 29, 2010 in Posts | 6 comments

A British Challenger tank driving through the desert.

1.  Parking.  Parking a tank is easy.  You can park it wherever you like.  You’re not going to damage it by clipping other vehicles – unless replacing your car with a tank catches on – and you’re not going to get a ticket for parking it illegally.  This is because (unlike cars) tanks don’t have windscreen wipers, which is where traffic wardens put parking tickets.  They can’t clamp you either, and your local traffic wardens probably won’t have a tank trap – if you live outside central London, that is.


2.  Camouflage.  Many tanks come with camouflage paintwork which – if, unlike me, you can spell the word “camouflage” correctly on your tank order form – is great.  This means that you don’t have to look at the unsightly tank parked outside your house.  You can also have many hours of fun by parking it in your driveway and watching the postman walk into it.


A Royal Mail Postman delivering letters in the snow

The unsuspecting postman, a split-second before the big surprise.


3.  McDonalds.  McDonalds is a popular fast-food outlet.  There are thousands and thousands of them.  You can only drive your car through a few of them though.  But when you have a tank, every branch of McDonalds is potentially a drive-through branch.  Feel free to do that, even if you’re not hungry.



4.  Traffic.  You may be surprised to learn that I’m not an expert on military hardware.  One thing I do know though, is that all tanks come with a long pointy-tool at the front.  It’s aSide-on diagram of a tank. fantastic feature that cuts down on road-congestion superbly.  You just point it at things – pedestrians, aircraft, cyclists, other vehicles – and they move out of the way.  Quickly!  You may even end up with the whole road to yourself.

5.  The school run.  You know the game they play outside the school gates – the one where parents compete to see who can turn up in the largest, least appropriate vehicle for manoeuvring in an environment that contains small children?  In a tank, you’re the winner.  Unless, that is, another parent turns up with larger, more incongruous vehicle like an aircraft carrier or a Hummer.

6.  Continental motoring holidays.  Driving in Europe can be a stressful business, but not in a tank.  In a tank you don’t have to fear Italian traffic, you don’t have to drive at a million miles-per-hour on the Autobahn and you don’t have to drive on the wrong side of the road – or even on the road at all.  When driving through France you’ll find that entire towns and villages will come out to greet you offering kisses, bearing cheese and wine, throwing petals and waving drapeaux blanc. This is their instinctive reaction to the arrival of a tank, do not be alarmed.


7.  Fuel.  Tanks are very un-economical and their fuel-consumption can often be measured in gallons-per-mile, but don’t worry.  When you replace your car with a tank you may find that you’ll spend less money on fuel.  After all, Shell Petrol Station is not a request and they’ll probably let you fill up for nothing.  They may even throw in a pasty and some Air Miles.

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