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7 Reasons Text Abbreviations Are Confusing

Posted on March 24, 2010 in Top Posts | 4 comments

7 Reasons Text Abbreviations Eye Chart

Via: roadsidescholar.com

1.  U2. As in, ‘I’m going to the festival! U2?’ Now what I understand from this is that someone is going to a festival. What I can’t work out is whether they are asking me if Bono is playing, if there is a submarine docking station nearby or whether I am going too.

2.  LOL. As in, ‘Was great to see you today. LOL.’ Does that mean lots of love or are they laughing at me? Outloud? Are they being sarcastic? My Mum doesn’t want to see me again does she?

3.  ATM. As in, ‘Hi. I’m in Barclays ATM. See you in five minutes.’ What?! How on earth did they get inside an automated teller machine? And how do they know it’s only going to take them five minutes to get out? Is this a regular occurrence? Oh good golly! I’m friends with a serial cashpoint raider.

4.  PLZ. As in, ‘It would be great if you could join me plz.’ Again I’m very confused. Do they want me to join them at Port Elizabeth Airport or in a random German postcode (or Postleitzahl)? There is quite a difference.

5.  TOY. As in, ‘I hope it goes well today. TOY.’ What is this? A name change? A new signature? Is it a new nickname for me? Do they just think I am a play thing? I’m being used. That means last night I was abused.

6.  ENUF. As in, ‘ENUF is ENUF’. The Ethiopian National United Front is The Ethiopian National United Front? Why am I being told this? If I knew one I probably knew the other. Did my previous message imply that I was in a pub quiz? My brain hurts.

7.  BOT. As in, ‘Anyway, BOT.’ Are they referring to me as a robot or do they just want to address my backside? Something that sounds quite painful in all honesty. Especially if they intend to use a franking machine. And what happens if they don’t want to treat it as first class? Because I do. I treat my backside with the utmost respect. But I digress, let’s get back on topic.

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  1. Some of my favs –

    TLA- three letter acronym
    ROTFLMAO – rolling on the floor laughing my ass off

  2. Never heard of TLA. In what circumstances would you use it?
    .-= Jon´s last blog ..Things You Should Never Say To A Woman – Number Eight =-.

  3. When describing a whole bunch of TLA’s, it’s more of a military thing

  4. FTW. As in, ‘Owl City FTW’. I had to google this one. I originally thought that it meant ‘Fudge the water’, but that didn’t seem to work in most cases. It actually stands for ‘For The Win’ which, in most situations, makes little or no grammatical sense.
    .-= Robert A. Foot´s last blog ..The Million Bright Ambassadors of Morning =-.

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