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7 Reasons That This Pen is Stupid

Posted on March 19, 2010 in Posts | 2 comments

Picture of a blue highlighter pen on a lined A4 pad saying "7 Reasons that this pen is stupid"

1.  Shape.  When the lid is on, the pen is oval-shaped and it puts me in mind of a rugby ball.  That should be a good thing as the Six Nations is on at the moment, but look at the colour.  It’s blue.  And it’s not even the dark blue of France, it’s light-blue, the colour of the Italian team.  Italy are the worst team in the competition – worse even than England.  This pen exudes the acrid stench of failure.  And I don’t want to smell failure when I’m writing.  I want to smell coffee.  Or soup.

2.  Emasculation.  The pen is two inches long.  Two inches!  To men, having a two-inch-long pen is bad.  Having a two-inch-long pen is unmanly.  To women, a two-inch-long pen is unsatisfactory too.  A big pen is much more desirable to both sexes.  Big pen is good.  Small pen is bad.

3.  Gift.  The pen is a gift.  The worst kind of gift – it’s a gift from someone who lives in the same house as me.  This means that I can’t just put it away in a drawer or re-gift it.  I have to keep it here on the desk where I can see it.  I can see it right now.  It’ll be months before I can move it to the box in the loft where I hide all of the unwanted gifts.  Months.

The palm of a hand with a small blue highlighter pen in it

4.  Writing.  Look at this picture of my hand.  Do you see that blue speck in the centre of my palm? (you may need to fetch your glasses for this one)  No?  I’ll tell you then.  It’s the pen.  How, you may ask, does a hand that size write with a pen that size?  The answer is badly.  Very badly.  In fact, if I had to use the pen to write this 7 Reasons post, it would be four words long and those words would be “bloody”, “fucking”, ”stupid” and “pen”.  And they would be illegible.

5.  Blue.  It’s a Highlighter pen.  In blue.  I – like a lot of people – write in blue ink.  This means that the pen is completely useless as a highlighter.  It has the opposite effect.  It’s an obscurer.  If I want to make my words appear fuzzy and indistinct, it’s the pen to use.  Otherwise, it’s useless.

6.  The Horatio Pyewackett Caractacus Fearns test of Pen-Stupidity.  I own a cat that attacks pens.  If he sees one, he pounces – whether I’m using it or not.  When hoovering under the sofa (infrequently), I always find several pens that he’s stolen and then lost under there.  Can I get him to attack this pen?  No I bloody can’t.  And I’ve rubbed catnip on it.  Even my cat knows that this pen is stupid.

7.  Suppository.  I’ve just realised what else the pen reminds me of.  It looks like a suppository.  Appropriate really, given what I’d do if with the pen if I ever encountered the feckless cretin that designed it.  Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid bum-pen!  Grrrr!  I hate this pen!

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  1. Does Mrs Fearns read this blog?
    .-= Simon´s last blog ..simonpjbest: @Toshho Excellent, I presume that means you can now afford that dream house. =-.

  2. Of course not, Simon. This is why I can claim to have hoovered under the sofa without fear of contradiction.
    .-= Marc´s last blog ..John Pienaar Impersonates a Turkey =-.

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