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Russian Roulette Sunday: We Couldn’t Decide

Posted on March 14, 2010 in Russian Roulette Sunday | 0 comments

The 7 Reasons sofa split down the middle


Hi there, I’m Marc (feet).  We had a bit of a disagreement over what to bring you this Sunday.  Jon felt that my Er, Y’Know video should be brought to a wider audience, and that we should feature that today, and I wanted to have a look at 7 weird and wonderful Facebook groups.  We failed to come to an agreement so we’ve brought you both – one on each side of the screen.  You can choose whichever one you fancy.



This is Marc’s Er, Y’know video.  He made it last weekend.  If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s well worth a watch.  If you have, watch it again (I bet you can’t remember which side won).

I probably made a cup of tea while you were enjoying that.  Mmmm.  Tea.

 There are many weird and wonderful groups and pages on Facebook.  Here – as it’s a special number – are 7 of them.

1.  How Headphones get Tangled up on Their Own, I’ll Never Understand…

A group devoted to wondering why earphones get tangled up on their own – they’re talking about earphones, rather than headphones – they’re right about the tangling though.  How does that happen?

2.  Is that an accent? Pardon me as I undress …

A group choc-full-of people that go weak at the knees when they hear someone speak English in a foreign accent.  There are some extraordinary posts on their wall, including this one (if you click on it, it will grow)

3.  I Want To Have Sex On A Grand Piano

Yup, me too.  Not on a baby grand piano though.  That would be wrong.

4.  Physics doesn’t exist, it’s all gnomes

A group devoted to explaining all scientific and technological phenomena – in fact, pretty much everything – as the work of gnomes.  Yes, gnomes.  They also have a brilliant Wikipedia style website.   There’s some beautifully inventive thinking going on there.

5.  I’ve never had sex with a goat

I’m a member of this group, but it’s like the mafia.  You can never leave.  Seriously, do you want your newsfeed to show you left the group “I’ve never had sex with a goat”?

6.  Students Against Odd-Numbered Staircases

Another group I’m a member of – though I’m no longer a student.  I do, however, bound up and down staircases two steps at a time.  The final step always requires a tricky adjustment – it’s a hazard to tall and energetic people.  Architects take note.

7.  7 Reasons

The official Facebook page of 7 Reasons, which we’re launching today.  Feel free to join.  We hope to see you there.

We don’t know which column you checked out, but we hope you enjoyed it.  If you didn’t, try the other one – it might be more to your liking.  Also, we’d like to wish mothers everywhere a happy Mothering Sunday.  Well Done.

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