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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Why The British Should Not Travel To Australia

Posted on March 13, 2010 in Guest Posts | 0 comments

Joining us on the 7 Reasons sofa today is Alexandra Clement-Meehan: blogger, twitterer, Australian and maker of cheese.  When she isn’t looking after her collection of meat or poisoning herself with her own cooking, she can be found writing for this wonderful sports blog, or tweeting – thankfully under the shorter name @splex.

Picture of an Australian riding a kangaroo outside the Sydney Opera House

1.  Heat.  It’s definitely too hot here for any normal human being to exist, and I do accept that I am, in fact, calling Australians abnormal – but as I am one, it’s allowed.  Sunburnt English men and women are also not a pretty sight. One would even go as far as saying they’re a bit of an eyesore, spoiling our idyllic coasts and tranquil scenery.  Not that they’re ugly, the pinkness and rawness is just so very… distracting.

2.  Fauna.  England doesn’t even have real native fauna.  Do they even know what the word means?  Australian fauna is unique to our island home, including all the wonderful spiders and deadly snakes.  Do snakes even live in England?  They shouldn’t.  Too cold.  Maybe they just slip around on the ice.  Ice-snakes probably exist but they’d be unlikely to kill anyone, not like the Red-Bellied Black snake and the aptly named Brown snake.  I should also mention that we have bloody big sharks as well.

3.  Most of our citizens already live in England.  Case in point: Rolf Harris – he’s an Australian hero.  He took the wobble-board to soaring new heights before anyone else even knew it existed.  You’d be hard pressed to even find a better Australian, and he resides in England, spending his time painting portraits of our* Queen.  Secondly, who would pour your beers and serve you copious amounts of alcohol if not the Australian backpackers?  Who would care for your upper-middle class children if not for the young Australian nannies?  Exactly.  There’s zero reason to leave the Motherland when you’ve got the best of both worlds in one place!  Oh, and you might like to note that most of us are similar to this.**

4.  Sport.  It can be said that we’re a whole lot better at sport than you are.  In fact, often, we’re embarrassingly better than you.  Case in point: The Ashes 2006/2007.  We definitely won that 5-0.  Even though we were defeated in our most recent attempt, we at least won a test or two.  By not travelling to Australia, any proud English-person can save face and avoid any heckling about their sporting prowess.  We’re not that nice when it comes to sport, because we are just better than every other nation (except at snow-based events).

5.  Distance.  Everything is really far away and no one actually wants to waste their holidays in small, dingy, probably cockroach infested, coaches.  Here’s an interesting fact:  It would take almost an entire day to drive from the East coast of Australia to the West coast.  Who has the time?  Not even Australians have the time, which is why we don’t, and Western Australia remains the forgotten state.  If one was to stay in England, they could spend their time going to places like Bristol or maybe even the town that Midsomer Murders is filmed in.  It may actually be called Midsomer.  I think John Nettles lives there.

6.  TV.  It’s safe to say that British television is exponentially better that anything the Australian TV world could ever produce (except maybe Neighbours, but for some reason the Brits love that, which seems strange, because – news flash! – it’s actually a terrible show).  Now that has been cleared up we can continue. Any charming and pithy British television series that reach our shores do so months, if not years, after they have been aired in Britain.  Another case in point: Dr Who.  The recent Christmas specials have only just been screened….in February.  So if any British citizen were to travel, and find themself in a state of ennui mixed with desperate homesickness, they couldn’t turn on the box and see a brand new show direct from the UK.  If it’s television you like, there’s definitely no point in coming to Australia.

7.  Accent.  Let’s face facts here, you don’t understand what we’re saying and we definitely haven’t a clue what you’re on about – you English and your Cockney rhyming slang!  We have it as well, but it’s not hard to decipher.  We have things like “dog’s eye” and “dead horse” (“meat pie” and “tomato sauce”, respectively).  You have things like “loop the loop” for “soup” – just say soup!  It has at least two less syllables!  But I digress, the Australian accent is a thing of beauty, yet it is misunderstood by most of the English-speaking world.  Upon hearing feedback regarding the aforementioned accent, it’s plain that the English are unsure why we question everything.  We’re an inquisitive nation – you might like to think that’s because we’re descended from convicts and therefore we have simple minds – but we’re not simple, ok?  It’s just that our rising inflection, like our outlook on life, is always in the ascendant and positive.

*This is what happens when a Pom edits you.

**Definitely untrue.

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