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7 Reasons to Paint Your Front Door Orange

Posted on March 9, 2010 in Top Posts | 0 comments

The orange front door of number ten ( 10 ) Downing Street - the British (Britain, UK, United Kingdom,Great Britain) Prime Minister's residence.

1.  Be unique.  No one has an orange front door.  Have you ever seen one?  No, nobody has.  Having an orange front door would mark you out as an individual – like wearing a pointy-hat or carrying a piano-accordion, but less embarrassing.

2.  Annoy the neighbours.    Painting your front door orange would annoy your neighbours.  Their houses would be completely overshadowed by your own, which would become the dominant feature of your street.  When giving directions to their own home, your neighbours would have to refer to yours, “You can’t miss it, it’s two houses down from the one with the orange door…”.  They would seethe, inwardly, every time they mentioned it, and perhaps frown too.

3.  View.  Your house would have the best view of your street, as it would be the only one that you definitely wouldn’t be able to see the orange door from.

4.  Visibility.  Have you ever got drunk and become lost on the way home?  I have.  Not totally lost – I’m at home now, but lost enough to find myself on the other side of town at 5am heading in the wrong direction – possibly towards Budapest.  With an orange door you’ll at least have a fighting chance:  If you are able to find your street, you’ll be able to find your house.

5.  Friends.  It won’t just be you that can find your house.  Your friends will be able to find it more easily too.  They’ll come and visit more often.  The exasperatedly-intoned phrase “I know it’s one of the ones down here on the left” would be heard no more and would probably be replaced with the phrase “Good god!  There it is”.  You’ll be more popular.

6.  Drunk people.  It’s a well known fact that alcohol lowers inhibitions, so your curiously coloured door would probably attract the attention of gregarious drunk people.  This is great, as drunk people can be fun.  They’re often generous and happy to share their tipple of choice with others, usually after declaring their undying love and friendship.  So now your friends will come and see you regularly, and drunk people will visit you too, probably bringing beer with them.  That’s a party.  Woohoo!

A crowd of Dutch (Netherlands, Holland) people wearing orange clothes and hats with flags

Dutch People

7.  Holland.  It’s a well known fact that Dutch people are crazy about the colour orange, so you’d probably be inundated with your local Dutch population.  Dutch people are fantastic.  They’re tall, which is more space-efficient than being fat, and they speak many languages, making them brilliant at communicating with your friends and the drunk people at your constant house-party.  Also, if the national stereotype is even remotely true, they will probably have drugs with them.  And pornography.  So, with the booze, the drugs, the drink and the porn, you’ll soon find that you aren’t just having a party, you’re having an orgy.  In fact, you’re a bit like Hugh bloody Hefner*!  And all because you painted your front door orange.

*Our legal team has asked us to point out that Hugh bloody Hefner does not have an orange door.

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