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Guest Post: 7 Reasons Women Are Better Than Men

Posted on March 6, 2010 in Guest Posts | 6 comments

A few weeks ago we had Emily Clifford on our sofa showing us how it is done. Her post on reasons why men and women shouldn’t converse proved very popular – with women. Because we like women we thought we’d invite Emily back. Unfortunately she has gone AWOL in the Blue Mountains this weekend. Before she went though, she left a note for us under one of the sofa cushions. Jon’s side. It said if we wanted to continue the theme of making women feel superior to men we should speak to her sister. Well one thing led to another and before we knew where we were we found Natalie Clifford clawing at the sofa. We’ve allowed her to stay for the day in exchange for a hugely popular post about the brilliance of man. This is her effort. Oh dear.

1.  Looks. It’s not my job to say who designed man and woman, but whoever it was clearly had a deadline and spent 97% of their time on the female body. And they have done a pretty good job with it. As for the man, well it looks as if they had a few left over bits and just cobbled it together. That penis thing. I don’t get how it could have gone so wrong.

2.  Communication. Women are good at this as they can put words together to form sentences. Men are useless. Their favourite word is, “nothing”. As in, “What are you thinking about?”

3.  Leaders. Men may like to think they are the head of the family but if they were why do they have to ask the woman to do something?

4.  Multi-tasking. Men think multi-tasking is watching the football, drinking beer and looking after the remote control. In fact it is doing the ironing while cooking the dinner while helping son number one with his homework while telling son number two off for pulling daughter number one’s hair while she was asking mother if she could have a friend to play.

5.  Better friends. When a man starts dating a woman, whose friends do they hang out with more? Yes, the woman’s. And when they get married, whose friends do they stay in contact with? Yes, the woman’s. Half the time a man’s friends don’t even know he has got married. They just think he went to the pub toilet five years ago and didn’t come back.

6.  Memory. A woman can remember things like dates. And phone numbers. And names. And ages. And what school the children go to. And what the children’s names are. Men can’t even remember whether they wear glasses or not.

7.  Vision. I am not sure what it is about men and their inability to see dust. I don’t adhere to the belief that they just can’t be bothered to clean, I honestly believe they are blind to dirt. Unless it’s on their shirt. In which case they give it to the woman to clean.

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  1. thats the funniest thing ive ever heard, its like you expect us to assume you know every man who walks this planet.
    if thats how lifes going for you, i suggest you find another nice man you sexist pig!

  2. Basically this entire post describes how women do things for men. How females are the mens ‘bitches’.

    Example A) point number 2 tells us how males tend to reply with one word answers. I assume it was a women who asked the question because what guy would ask another guy what he’s thinking? It shows how the male has no interest in having a conversation with the female.

    Example B) point number 3 discusses leadership. By my standards of definition, leaders are the one’s who give orders. Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t telling your woman to do something an order? Therefore males fit the leadership role?

    Example C) point number 4 discusses multi-tasking. I see it shows examples of both males and females multi-tasking, only the female multi-tasks housework while the male multi-tasks leisure activities. Again showing how the life of a male is so much better.

    Example D) point 5 is invalid as it is not true. Guys tend to not put up with the drama associated with their woman’s friends lives and simply associate with them in times of need, such as when their woman is present.

    Example E) point 6 claims males have no memory. Males can remember the outcome of every footy game for the last year minimum. The other crap is of minimal importance.

    Example F) point 7 gives the wrong idea. We ‘don’t’ see what we don’t want to. Is dust very important? I think not. And I also spot another example of the assumed female in a relationship with the hypothetical male fits the role of the man’s bitch.

  3. Yes this is true and if u couldve added one more it should be this if it wasnt for us women men wouldnt be alive!


  5. ok, i totally disagree with #1, sure, a penis is nasty, but its nothing to those huge lumps of fat on the chests pf women’s bodies as well as your body is covered in fat stupid, in fact its 25% fat on average, while men are 15% average

  6. and amanda, you know that women also wouldnt exist without men (really wrong way though)

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