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7 Reasons Australians Shouldn’t Make Television

Posted on March 2, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

7 Reasons sofa with Australian Television and flag


1.  The Weather. It must be quite easy to present the weather in Australia, it’s always “nice” there, so you probably don’t have to be too bright to do it.  That would explain this weatherman being outwitted by a pelican then.

2.  Wipeout Australia. In Britain, we have Total Wipeout, a programme in which pudgy, potato-faced middle-managers from Droitwich lumber around a ridiculous assault course.  Wipeout Australia uses the same course, except everything is harder and the machines go at about five times the speed.  The people they send around don’t seem any leaner or sportier though, that wouldn’t be any fun.

3.  Skippy. In Britain in the ’60s, men whistled at attractive young women in mini-skirts.  In Australia in the ’60s, they whistled at kangaroos.  Still, they seem quite happy.

4.  Advert. Halfway through, so it’s time for a break.  Would you like one of these?  It’s undetectable, you know.

5.  Soaps.  The bush, mushrooms, a mysterious pig, a flaming hand – it has to be a soap opera.  Obvious, really.

6.  Marriage.  This sort of thing never happened on Richard and Judy.

7.  The dream.  Okay, you knew it had to turn up somewhere didn’t you?  That classic Neighbours dream sequence which came out of left-field and astonished the audience.  No, not that one, this one.  The accents are spot on, by the way.

Okay, it’s time for an admission.  I was wrong.  All of this stuff is awful, yet somehow brilliant.  I’ve had so much fun putting this post together that I’ve become convinced that Australians should make more television – perhaps even all of it.  As long as I don’t have to watch Paul Hogan again I’d be quite happy.    I might even buy a hairpiece.

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