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Russian Roulette Sunday: The Words Behind The Words Behind The Reasons.

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It’s Russian Roulette Sunday and this week we thought we’d give you a flavour of the creative process that goes into 7 Reasons.   A lot of correspondence is generated through the running of this website – much of it more bizarre than the stuff we usually post.  It entertains us, so we thought we’d post an out of context glimpse at it.  We’ve been inspired to do this by the brilliant internet phenomenon, sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com.  It seems that the entire world has being reading that.  We’re pretty sure that there are octogenarian Japanese soldiers on desert islands still fighting World War II, unaware that it has ended, that have been reading that blog this week.  We’d like to pay homage to them by bringing you…(Deep movie-trailer voice)

The Words Behind The Words Behind The Reasons

“Interestingly, if you swap the H and M around from Helen Mead you get Melen Head.”

“A siren is audible in the background when my name is mentioned. This is unsettling.”

“I have no other feedback, but I am conditioned to working in sevens.”

“Sorry for the length of this email, it was meant to be short. I suppose anything is better than putting tinsel up”

“I don’t care if I am deemed to be a bad sport.”

“The current situation is that I am a genius and everything is working again.”

“I loathe revisionism, but I think it’s justified…I’m pretty sure that no one will notice if it disappears.”

“If I haven’t tweeted by about midday tomorrow, it is not because I’m not near a computer, it is because I’m spinning the tag cloud around. I find the way that it moves absolutely mesmerising. In fact, I’m off to play with it now.”

“You’ve probably grasped the concept just by looking at the picture. It’s a tombola”

“While writing this I came up with a fifth possible (and became Donald Rumsfeld).”

“You basically want to steal my Jolly Interesting ideas and pass them off as 7 Reasons’ own? I like your style.”

“Then I went to the bathroom and had an idea. I wasn’t even in the bath, just near it.”

“Anything with a half naked woman goes down well with me. Even a photoshopped half-naked woman. She’s like our mascot.”

“There is always a rogue apostrophe. Just like a Bond Villain would leave a bullet, I leave an apostrophe. It’s my calling card.”

“Surprisingly enough I do have a postal address. Are you sending me a mug?”

“I don’t know what the opposite of “hurrah” is, but imagine that it says that here.”

“You’ve been on fire this week. Thirteen hours early sometimes, but on fire.”

“Realising a tie points to your penis and using it as a comedic observation is quirky; Realising a tie points to your penis and looking it up on the internet is weird. A fine line, admittedly.”

“I have just broken the internet. Nice touch!”

“I retire.”

“I believe that I have addressed all of the things that I needed to and more (except for thumbs)”

“I’m fairly certain that we can say the wrong thing seven more times.”

“Feel free to do a celebratory dance.”

“Being back at my parents who live without wi-fi means I may be slow when it comes to replying to emails. Or I may just be ignoring you.”

“…we can announce that the 2010 logo will be auricularly-challenged Post-Impressionist painter, Vincent Van Gogh.”

“Sarah, via the medium of the comments section, is criticising your “leavc” typo in the post…you might also want to swap the “Ike” for “Icke”, “Barak” for “Barack” and “Lettermen” for “Letterman” which she has failed to notice, before she does.”

“Congratulations on being a genius. It feels good doesn’t it?”

“Didn’t I suggest a film the other week? Stop stealing the best ideas.”

“I have some issues with you ending up with Sandra Bullock and me getting the eye from what could be an amorous polar bear confused by my strange hat/scarf thing (a harf? A scat?), it doesn’t look like that will end well.”

“They are on my browser. Maybe your computer was just cold last night.”

“Aryan Fraulein dating sounds like a niche market to me, but maybe one we could exploit.”

“My body may sleep, the 7 Reasons portion of my brain does not.”

“I can’t overstate how categorically The Great Outdoors and Cliffhanger_1 aren’t there.”

“I’ll be standing on the desk, arms aloft, running around impersonating an aeroplane and at least two other things.”

“You’re like Richard Bacon to my Arlo White.”

“Ask the next person you see to pat you on the back. That should work.”

“I always feel out of my comfort zone writing about sport. Norman Mailer wrote about sport. Hemingway wrote about sport. It’s quite intimidating company.”

“You’re like Lynne Truss to my er..Lynne Truss.”

“I have no problem with you leaving the apology in, you’ll be pleased to know. I accept it.”

“I was hoping that we might “break” America. That we’ve gone over well in Widnes is scant consolation, though I concede that it would be bloody funny if it happened to someone else, or in a sitcom.”

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