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7 Reasons To Love A Cardigan

Posted on January 12, 2010 in Posts | 0 comments

1.  The Shirt. It’s a bit annoying when you put on a nice shirt, just to cover it up with a sweater. The Cardigan, whether buttoned up or not, shows off that shirt. It sounds simple, but if you are wearing a sweater you may as well wear a string vest with ‘I Love Freddie Mercury’ emblazoned across it.

2.  The Band. They were pretty decent. But they’d have been pretty average without one Cardigan in particular. That Cardigan was Nina Persson. The lead singer. Without her, songs such as Lovefool and My Favourite Game, would not have featured lyrics.

3.  The Dog. No one is going to tell me that the Cardigan Welsh Corgi was not made for riding.

4.  The Balaclava. Cardigans go well with Balaclavas. Don’t take it from me. Take it from the Russians. During the Battle of Balaclava they watched in delight as Lord Cardigan led the Charge of the Light Brigade down through the Valley of Death. The Cardigan/Balaclava look – as depicted in many an artist’s impression – remains a classic.

5.  The Coast. Whether it’s a Welsh town or a fishing community in Eastern Kings County, Prince Edward Island, Canada, you are always going to experience the sea breeze rushing through your hair. You are also going to get bloody cold.

6.  The Film. Who can’t get excited by this? Cardigan. The Film. A middling period drama that takes place in pre-Revolutionary War times and relies quite a lot on the audience’s patriotism for its interest. Michael Cardigan is one of many American inhabitants who doesn’t want to be under the King’s rule. However, he’s in love with Felicity – the ward of the English governor. As the friction between the Tories and the Colonists builds, Cardigan finds himself fighting for both a new country and for Felicity’s love. Along the way, he exposes the treachery of Captain Butler and is almost burned at the stake by Indians sympathetic to the British. Then Paul Revere makes his famous ride, the battles of Lexington and Concord are fought and the Red Coats are sent packing. Eventually Cardigan and Felicity are reunited. See, I’m excited.

7.  The Hike. Everyone likes a hike now and then. Especially if it isn’t going to be too knackering. There is only one place that offers such a comfort and that is in the middle of New Hampshire. Peaking at only 962 metres, Mount Cardigan is perfect for a day out. Especially if you are a base jumper whose parachute fails to open correctly.

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