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7 Reasons to Make Your Own Calendar

Posted on December 9, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments


1.  Dates (Women).  You can put important dates on it so that your partner won’t forget them.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, he’ll never forget them if you put them on a calendar.

2.  Credit Crunch.  As a result of the new-austerity, we’re all looking for gifts that are cheap and thoughtful.  A personalised calendar is inexpensive and lets people know that you’re thinking of them.  Also, if you haven’t been affected by the credit crunch and want to remind your friends of this, you can put your holiday pictures from The Maldives on it.


3.  Skippy.  You can give your friends and relatives a calendar with twelve pictures of your dog, Skippy, on it.  It’s not like showing them a picture of Skippy, or posting it on Facebook, where they’ll only look at it once.  If you give someone a calendar they can look at Skippy for a whole year.  He’ll be there every time they look at their kitchen wall; chasing a ball, slavering, wearing a Santa hat, chasing a stick, poking his tongue out, chasing a Frisbee, drinking his water, sitting, standing, jumping, running, sleeping, lying on his side, Skippy’s there all year!

4.  Dates (Men).  You can put important dates on it so that your partner won’t forget them.  Sporting events, beer festivals, Xbox 360 game release dates, she’ll never forget them if you put them on a calendar

5.  Customisability.  In your own calendar you can make the months as long or as short as you want.  On my calendar, June is fifty days long and February is only six.  This is a huge improvement as I loathe the cold, winter weather and I can spread my family’s many June birthdays over a longer time period, making the June glut of present-buying more financially manageable.  I’m fairly certain that you can use this method to make a prison sentence shorter and make payday nearer too.

6.  Revert.  Tired of the Gregorian calendar?  Feel that the implementation of the 1582 Papal decree was heavy-handed and had a poor consultation process?  Never mind, if you make your own, you can revert to the Julian calendar and say “Up yours!” to Pope Gregory XIII.

7.  Reasons. You can make your own 7 Reasons calendar with your favourite reasons on it.  As long as it’s for personal use we don’t mind, cut and paste away.  Send us an email if you want a copy of our logo and let us know how you got on.  You can even send us a copy if you like.  Then we won’t have to look at Skippy next year.  Again.

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