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7 Reasons Not to Have Children

Posted on November 27, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments

A Child

1.  Toys. There are toys everywhere.  If you have children, you have to get rid of your toys and replace them with stuffed animals and pushchairs.

2.  The Zoo. Adults don’t take other adults to the zoo, they only take children there (a lot).  If you don’t have children then you don’t have to go to the zoo.  This is a good thing as zoos are expensive and alternately boring, terrifying, disgusting and smelly.  You can see far more interesting animals acting naturally in their own environments by watching David Attenborough documentaries from the comfort of your own sofa.  You can eat a sandwich while you do this.  Would anyone want to take a sandwich to the zoo?  Of course not, a monkey would probably throw its poo at you while you were eating; a monkey in a cage that has nothing better to do.  Who wants to visit the animal prison?  Not me.

3.  Sport. Sport’s a lot better when you don’t have children.  If you participate in a sport on a regular basis then your spouse will rarely come to see you, and will take little interest in your performance when they do.  This is good, as you can exaggerate your sporting prowess in years to come.  When you have children, however, they will often get taken along to matches.  This is bad, as children can be observant and cruel.  If, for example, you turn out for a rugby team and are particularly injury prone, then having children is a very bad idea.  They stand on the sidelines watching you make your return to the team after a lengthy lay-off and, ten minutes into the match, when you break yet another bone (the collar-bone, for example), they exclaim “Christ!  He’s the Evel Knievel of Seaford Rugby Club”.  In years to come they will complain that they spent most of their childhood weekends in the Casualty Department waiting room while you went for stitches or to have a broken collar-bone/arm/ankle/ribs(3 times)/nose(monthly)/shoulder treated.  For the next twenty-five years or so their resentment at their lost childhood will manifest itself as a series of reminiscences at family gatherings whenever you mention your sporting career. “Was that the match when the nurse gave us chocolate?” one of your children will enquire, “No, it was the match when the ambulance crashed into the van” another will reply.  Children are so cruel that they may eventually write about it on a website.

4.  Butt-Power. A small child will jump up and run to the centre of the café you’re dining in and, thrusting his right arm heavenward, shout with all the volume he can muster, “Butt-Power!” for no apparent reason.  The other customers will all turn to stare at you, the parent.  This is embarrassing.

5. Money. Parents often complain about the costs involved in owning a child.  We’ve all witnessed first-hand how expensive children can be.  In the supermarket, harassed, distracted parents pushing a trolley full of the weekly shopping often miss several of the items that their mischievous progeny surreptitiously add to the trolley.  Nuts, biscuits, jam, cotton wool balls, muffins, string, children don’t care what they’re putting in there, they’re just “helping”.  Let’s say they get away with £5 of extra items per week, multiply that by the fifty-two weeks of the year and then multiply it by the eighteen years until they are grown-up.  That’s almost £5000 pounds worth of stuff that you don’t need.  That’s a lot.  That’s 5000 lottery tickets you could have bought.

6.  Hair loss. Each generation grows successively taller, so your children are probably going to be taller than you.  This means that they will be able to see your bald spot.  They will draw it to everyone’s attention and call you “Baldy”.

7.  Harry Potter. If you don’t have children then you don’t have to have anything to do with Harry Potter.  You don’t have to see the films, you don’t have to read the books, you don’t have to play the computer games, you don’t have to queue for hours outside Borders in the rain waiting for the latest edition, you don’t have to know anything about witches, warlocks, muggles, fairies or quidditch, you don’t have to talk total guff.  No children:  No Potter.

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