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7 Reasons To Like Doors

Posted on November 13, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments

1.  The bedroom door.  No matter what age you are, whether you share it or are its sole occupant, your bedroom is a private place to do private things.  Whether you are a teenage boy practising your faces in the mirror, a thirty year old man playing World of Warcraft on his computer or a fully grown woman singing-along into her hairbrush, your privacy is protected by the door.  If it weren’t for the door your siblings, parents, children, housemates and curious pets would be free to spectate on, or join in with, your bedroom activities.  Hurrah for the bedroom door.

2.  The bedroom door.  If there were no doors then your parents’ bedroom would be open.  There is nothing that happens in there that you should have to witness.  Nothing.  Not ever.  Never.  No.

3.  Locks.  If there were no doors, there would be no door-locks.  They deter burglars, vandals, squatters and perverts from entering your house.  Also, the ability to retain keys is what separates us from the animals, and from my friend Rachel.

4.  Slamming.  Slamming the door on your way out is like adding an exclamation-mark to a furious exit; without doors you’d have to shout “pow” or kick the wall.  This wouldn’t be as effective and you might feel silly.

5.  The Doors.  Without doors, The Doors would have been called The, which would have been rubbish.  It would also have confused fans of The The – and me.

6.  Knocking.  If there were no front doors, there would be nothing for the pizza-delivery-man to knock on and many Americans would starve to death…eventually.

7.  The wardrobe door.  If there were no doors, your wardrobe would be open and the contents would be visible.  Is there a more effective way to repel a new lover than letting them glimpse the saggy jogging-bottoms and moth-eaten, bobbly cardigan that you wear around the house?  Without the wardrobe door, your new suitor would be able to see the future and you would be single forever.

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