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7 Reasons You Said Yes

Posted on November 4, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments

1.  You’re polite. You always have been. It would have been rude to say no to the guy who asked, “Shall I jump?”

2.  You were drunk. You were saying ‘Yes’ to everything because you thought it was hilarious. It wasn’t and you woke up eight hours later in a bus stop in Croydon. Without your trousers on.

3.  You’re a positive person. An optimist. Saying ‘Yes’ means you won’t have any regrets. Unless you were asked by Jeremy Clarkson if he could borrow your pimped-up Vespa 150cc.

4.  You met a wise man on the bus. He said, “Say yes more.” You did. You then wrote a book about it. Your name is Danny Wallace.

5.  You’re not getting any younger. Let’s be honest, offers like this aren’t going to fly in at your time of life. May as well make the most of what you can get.

6.  You’re in France and you desperately need the bathroom. (Cryptic).

7.  You have often dreamt of joining the mile-high club. It was just circumstance that stopped you before. Like the wrong kind of person making you the offer. Now your co-pilot is a woman.

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