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7 Reasons Not to Upload a Facebook Profile Picture.

Posted on November 3, 2009 in Posts | 0 comments

1.  You look like this.

fb blank avatar

2.  There are two photos of you in existence; one is of you paddling nude, aged two; the second is a blurred and poorly composed picture from your wedding in 1983, you are wearing maroon.

3.  You are a troll who only uses Facebook to anger people in the group I Love Knitting. Your post stating that “Knitting is an inferior pastime for cack-handed simpletons who lack the dexterity and finesse required for the infinitely superior art of Crochet” has generated such fury amongst online knitters that you fear for your safety.

4.  You look like this.


5.  You are a besotted cat owner.  No one wants to see posts on their wall that are apparently from a cat.  Nobody wants to interact with a cat in a discussion forum, it makes them look a bit mad.  Your friends don’t want to receive a message of condolence in response to their status update that apparently comes from Tiddles the cat.  Don’t do it, madam.

6.  You are a bald man with a beard.  No one needs the fleeting moment of doubt that comes on first viewing a picture of a bald man with a beard.  The thought “Is that picture upside-down?” followed by the closer scrutiny required to ascertain that it is not, is a waste of everyone’s time and energy.

7.  You are Simon Cowell.

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